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Mayhem 2017: A Day Review: Dir Cho Sun-Ho

A Day review: A father is forced to keep living the same day over and over in an attempt to save his young daughter.

A Day review by Kat Hughes.

A Day Review

Kim Jun-Young (Myung-min Kim) is a very famous Doctor. Fresh from a trip to the Un, he’s on his way home to his daughter Eun-Jung (Eun-hyung Jo). After missing Eun-Jung’s Birthday, Jun-Young is definitely in the bad books, something not made any better by him being waylaid at every opportunity on his way back to meet her. He finally shows up and makes a terrible discovery, Eun-Jung has been involved in a fatal traffic accident. Suddenly he’s back on the aeroplane, and quickly realises that he’s repeating the tragic day. As Jun-Young desperately tries to save his daughter, and hopefully reset his timeline, he meets another young man Min-Chul (Yo-han Byeon) who is
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Watch: New Korean Thriller ‘A Day’, Featuring Kim Myung-min (Deranged, 2012)

Starring Kim Myung-min of the 2012 summer hit Deranged and Byun Yo-han of the fantasy drama Will You Be There? alongside Kim Yun-seok, it is the directorial debut of Cho Sun-ho, formerly an assistant director on 2013’s Killer Toon.


Returning from a long trip abroad, Jun-young, a skilled doctor, comes across a car accident scene on the way to meet his daughter. It turns out that the dead hit by a taxi is none other than his beloved daughter, Eun-jung. Then suddenly, everything repeats like a déjà vu: Eun-jung getting hit by a taxi and Min-chul, the paramedic, checking on other victims including his own wife inside the taxi. The disastrous hours repeat yet again: the accident scene, Eun-jung, Min-chul’s desperate face, and so on. Lost in repetition, Jun-young notices that he is not the only one trying to save a loved one in the endless time loop. Now,
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South Korean time travel film 'A Day' scores key deals at Cannes

  • ScreenDaily
South Korean time travel film 'A Day' scores key deals at Cannes
High-concept thriller heading to China, Japan and the Philippines.

South Korean sales company Finecut has announced several deals from the Cannes Film Market for time travel movie A Day.

The film is the directorial debut of Cho Sun-ho and stars Kim Myung-min and Byun Yo-han. The story sees a father attempt to save his daughter whilst stuck in an endless time loop.

The film has been acquired by China (BlueMedia Times), Japan (Klockworx), Malaysia & Brunei (Gsc Movies Sdn Bhd), Philippines (Viva Communications), Singapore (mm2 Entertainment), Taiwan (Long Shong International), Vietnam (Vietnam Media Corp. / Bhd), Brazil (Fenix Distribuidora de Filmes) and Inflight (Vitality International).

Finecut expects to add further deals with European territories shortly and several countries have also requested remake rights.

A Day is produced by Line Film and will be released in South Korea on June 15.
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5 Awesome New Korean Films Set to Rule the Box Office

Local films have recently led the charge at the Korean box office and not just your typical Korean thriller either. We’ve been spoilt with great films covering a wide range of genres.

Here are 4 stand out films that are currently battling it out for first place at the Korean box office plus 1 film that is surely to set truly shake up the chart.


Director: Park Jung-woo

Distributor: Next Entertainment World

Cast: Kim Nam-gil, Moon Jeong-hee, Jung Jin-young, Kim Myung-min

On the heels of ‘The Tunnel’ and ‘Train to Busan’, disaster blockbuster Pandora brings emotional catharsis and is intertwined with political relevance.

Plot: A nuclear power plant is built in a small town in South Korea and gradually corrodes. With an unexpected earthquake, old pipes in the nuclear power plant break and hydrogen gas explodes. Jae-hyuk (played by Kim Nam-gil) risks his life to save his family
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Afm: Finecut launches 'A Day', 'House Of The Disappeared'

  • ScreenDaily
Afm: Finecut launches 'A Day', 'House Of The Disappeared'
Two high-concept genre films are being introduced at this week’s American Film Market.

South Korea’s Finecut is launching sales on two high-concept genre titles, A Day (working title) and House Of The Disappeared at the American Film Market (Afm).

Mystery drama A Day stars Kim Myung-min (Proof Of Innocence) as a man who keeps living the day he lost his daughter in an endless loop, trying to find a way to save her. Jo Eun-hyung, who played the young Hideko in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden, features as the daughter. Byun Yo-han (Socialphobia) also features.

First-time feature director Cho Sun-ho makes his feature directorial debut with the film. Currently in post-production, A Day is set for local release in 2017.

Mystery thriller House Of The Disappeared stars Yunjin Kim from TV’s Lost, along with K-pop group 2Pm’s Ok Taec-yeon (A Night Before The Wedding).

Directed by Lim Dae-woong (Horror Stories) and written by Jang
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