Annabel Crabb: 'I don’t make Kitchen Cabinet so you can love it'

The political journalist who became a TV star talks about her cookbook, her show and how Scott Morrison really does not care what people think of him

Ah, Annabel! First only those who knew her loved her, then she got on telly and those who didn’t know her loved her. Then she went on telly with Scott Morrison and ate some Sri Lankan food and those who didn’t know her hated her. And those who did know her went: hmm, what was that about?

But more of that later. Crabb has a cookbook out with Wendy Sharpe, one of her best friends (she is a woman of many BFFs) and also a recipe consultant on Kitchen Cabinet. Special Delivery is about takeaway food, not KFC or pizza but posh, cook it at home and put it in your hamper-style stuff.

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