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Donald Trump Elevates Conspiracy Theory To Government Plot On White House Lawn

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After a major morning Twitter dump, President Donald Trump proudly declared to reporters on the White House lawn that “they” too are now using the name “Spygate” with regard to his campaign to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling.

“We now call it ‘Spygate.’ You’re calling it ‘Spygate,'” Trump beamed inaccurately, on the South Lawn.

The master of media manipulation held another of his tantalizing impromptu news conferences as he walked toward Marine One, heading to an event in New York where he said he plans to regale the crowd with more stories about the Ms-13 gang. White House is calling it an immigration event. Same thing, in Trumpworld.

Not wasting time, one off-camera reporters asked what proof Trump had as to his claims that his campaign was spied on by the FBI.

It was exactly the question Trump had hoped for.

“All you have
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Donald Trump Blames FBI's Attention on Russia Collusion for Missed Florida School Shooting Tip

President Donald Trump lashed out at the FBI via Twitter on Saturday night, asserting that the organization was preoccupied investigating his presidential campaign and neglected to follow up on information about the shooter who killed 17 when he opened fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday.

“Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable,” he wrote. “They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign — there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud!”

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White House: Personnel Security Office To Blame For Delay In Ousting Rob Porter

One day after putting it on the FBI, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders handed responsibility for the months-long delay in moving against Rob Porter to the White House Personnel Security Office. In the time between her Monday briefing and her Tuesday briefing, FBI Director Christopher Wray had put in an appearance at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, responding to Sanders I Don’t Think So-ily, telling the committee it had flagged things it had…
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FBI Chief Nukes White House Timeline On Rob Porter Security Check

The FBI made the White House aware of Rob Porter's domestic abuse against both of his two wives, impacting his ability to get needed security clearance, last summer, FBI director Christopher Wray said Tuesday at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Wray’s testimony contradicts the explanation the White House finally settled on as to who knew what when on allegations against the former White House Staff Secretary. Porter resigned Wednesday after press reports saying…
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See Samantha Bee Slam FBI's Ridiculous 'Black Identity Extremist' Report

See Samantha Bee Slam FBI's Ridiculous 'Black Identity Extremist' Report
Samantha Bee skewered the FBI for creating a new terrorist category called "Black Identity Extremist" on Wednesday. 

The new designation, revealed in a report from last August, defines a "Black Identity Extremist" as "those who feel oppressed and respond with violence." "Feeling oppressed and responding with violence doesn't make you a terrorist, it makes you an Eagles fan," Bee joked. 

More seriously, she added, "the 'Black Identity Extremist' report gives law enforcement an excuse to surveil the communities that are protesting them. Surveilling Americans because of their free speech is dangerous and wrong.
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Christopher Wray Confirmed as New FBI Director by Senate

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Christopher Wray Confirmed as New FBI Director by Senate
The U.S. Senate confirmed Christopher Wray as the new director of the FBI in a 92-5 vote on Tuesday. The five senators to oppose Wray were Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley. His confirmation comes after appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month. The former Justice Department official represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane-closing “Bridgegate” case. He also worked in the Justice Department under George W. Bush. Also Read: Gizmodo Sues the FBI for Roger Ailes' File When he nominated Wray back in June,
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