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Vampire film 'Katherine' set for domestic release in 2014

Carlos Dunn’s Katherine” set for domestic release in November, 2014.

Katherine is the first chapter in an original film trilogy that is attempting to rewrite modern vampire lore. Based on a series of independent pulp novels written by Carlos Dunn, who is also the screenwriter and producer of the film, “Carlos Dunn’s Katherine” is based on his short story: “When Pedro Met Vanessa.” an d takes place in modern day America. It is the story of five beautiful young women on the run from brutal, sadistic, mercenary-style serial killers (Michael Heggedus and Christa Johnston). After the deaths of three of the girls (Tempast Wulf, Ashleigh Morghan and Heather Casey), Katherine (Tina Grimm) becomes the serial killers’ next target.

Katherine is stranded and has only one friend in the world she can trust, a bartender (Denny Castiglione). One evening a young man, John (Andrew Schaefer) comes into the bar, orders
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