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Godspeed Returns In New Flash Season 6 Set Photo

Godspeed Returns In New Flash Season 6 Set Photo
The Flash introduced one of the most prominent new villains from recent Scarlet Speedster comics into the Arrowverse last year in the form of Godspeed. Despite his popularity though, the foe has only appeared twice on the show to date. His third appearance is on its way, however, with set pics revealing that The CW series is currently working on a new Godspeed episode.

The following image, courtesy of Canadagraphs, proves that the white-suited wicked speedster is returning to terrorize Team Flash and Central City yet again. It’s believed that episode 18 of season 6 is currently being shot, so it’s neat that Godspeed is returning here as he made his debut in episode 18 of season 5.

In season 5, Godspeed was established as coming to prominence in 2049, but Nora West-Allen Aka Xs was able to defeat him. Presumably, in the current timeline in which she doesn’t exist, August Heart was
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Crisis On Infinite Earths Will Impact All Of The Flash Season 6

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” will change the Arrowverse in many untold ways going forward, with it previously being revealed that Arrow would be the most affected by the crossover. However, we’ve now learned that The Flash season 6 will feel the impact of the multiversal incident right the way through its 22 episodes.

New showrunner Eric Wallace told Newsarama that fans can expect season 6 to feed into “Crisis,” both before the event and afterwards. According to him, both Barry Allen’s own storyline and the big bad’s arc will be tied into the crossover.

“Even after ‘Crisis,’ the fallout from it continues to build and screw with Team Flash. In the first pre-‘Crisis’ episodes, as the big bad is getting introduced, like we always do – we will see a relationship of what’s coming in ‘Crisis’ with what’s happening to Barry with what’s happening to the new big bad.
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The Flash Fights Godspeed In New Season 6 Set Photos

Godspeed, one of the most standout rogues from recent Flash comics, made his Arrowverse debut in an episode of The Flash season 5, and he was instantly a hit with viewers. Fans lamented that the evil Speedster was only used as a one-off villain though when he has so much potential and it seems as if the showrunners have listened, as these new set photos reveal that Godspeed will return in season 6.

Shooting on what’s presumably the premiere is currently unfolding in Vancouver and Hollywood North managed to capture some snaps which tease a big battle between Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster and Godspeed on the streets of Central City. As you can see in the gallery below, the Flash looks set to win the fight, even unmasking his foe after getting him in handcuffs.

If you’ll recall, in episode 5×18 “Godspeed,” Nora West-Allen foiled the villain’s schemes in the year 2049. However,
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New Image Entertainment's A Safe Place Releases a Chaotic Trailer

New Image Entertainment is a production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. This studio has several horror productions in development and A Safe Place is one of their latest features. This indie zombie feature now has a trailer for fans. The film involves a controversial topic. Safe injection sites, which were introduced in Vancouver in 2003, are the site of a biological horror. A bad batch of heroin leaves users aggressive and even cannibalistic. The trailer for A Safe Place is below. The clip shows some of the settings from productions and a few of the characters. Chaos begins when a clinician finds himself under attack by those using the safe injection site. Indie horror fans can preview the film below, with more details to follow. Director: Amir Aghelnejad. Writer: Wayne Morhart. Cast: Sotos Petrides, Kindall Charters, Mary Galloway and Yuki Morita. The trailer for A Safe Place is here: The
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