Just Where is the Plot in Alien Origin? A DVD Review

*full disclosure: a DVD screener of this film was provided by The Asylum. Director/writer: Mark Atkins. Cast: Chelsea Vincent, Peter Pedrero and Philip Coc. You better Belize it, this small country has their own special forces unit and they are going deep into the jungles with adventure journalist Julia Evans (Chelsea Vincent) in search for an Alien Origin. Tagging along is her own film crew to document this operation and what they discover is a graveyard filled with a tantalizing mystery. Unfortunately the intrigue went out the window. Although one subplot is clearly defined, another isn't. The only indication that this movie is about invaders from outer space is because of the camcorder Evans and the army find. After looking at the recording, which contains hints of some human victim being abducted, the only thing they can consider doing is to dig deeper. This lone scene is perhaps the
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