Blood in the Snow 2021: ‘Flee the Light’ Review

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Blood in the Snow 2021: ‘Flee the Light’ Review
Stars: Annie Tuma, Ariana Marquis, Jane Siberry, Jamar Adams Thompson | Written by Jennifer Mancini | Directed by Alexandra Senza

Flee the Light, the first film from both writer Jennifer Mancini and director Alexandra Senza, is a tale of two sisters, Andra (Annie Tuma) and Delfi (Ariana Marquis; Nuptials). Andra is a psychology student focused on Ericksonian therapy and has just been accepted to a prestigious grad school. Delfi is constantly run down and sufferers from persistent visions of a woman vanishing in a burst of coloured light and smoke.

After a therapy session that seems to indicate the problems aren’t all in her mind, Delfi is referred to spiritualist. This causes a rift between the two, Delfi wants to see them, Andra insists her sister needs to see a real doctor and get medication. From here Flee the Light delivers an incredibly cryptic phone call that leads to a witch’s brew of suppressed memories,
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