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Studying Venus by Jane Fae

Venus. Eisha Marjara: 'In Venus the focus was not on the transition but on Sid's relationships and her discovering herself as a woman and a new parent and a daughter and a colleague' Photo: Wolfe Venus, out now in the Us on VoD and DVD, is a delightful exploration of the challenges faced by trans woman Sid (Debargo Sanyal), who discovers, on the point of coming out, that she has a son (Jamie Mayers) she knew nothing about. Or as I put it at the time: “gentle; lyrical; funny”.

So I was looking forward to speaking with its Quebec-based writer and director Eisha Marjara.

I began by asking how she arrived at a film like Venus, given that she had started in documentary – and then proceeded to this very different, lighter genre. Eisha did not see it that way.

Eisha Marjara: 'As a writer and artist my job is
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Liff 2018: Venus Q&A

The closing movie of the London Indian Film Festival (Liff) was Venus, the life-affirming story of a transitioning woman, named Sid, who suddenly discovers that she’s the father of a 14-year-old son from a previous relationship. We were fortunate enough to have Eisha Marjara (the director), Joe Balass (the producer), Jamie Mayers, and Gordon Warnecke in attendance after the screening to share insights into how the film was put together.

“I was obsessed with the idea of a transgender character finding a son,” explained Marjara. This was inspired by an earlier short film that the director made in 2012 called House for Sale. However, creating the final story for Venus was a long one. “In earlier drafts I showed more about the office and work, showing the challenges that she goes through there,” said Marjara, “I also showed more about Ralph and his friends, how he gets bullied.”

In the end,
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Review ‘Venus’ Directed By Eisha Marjara

Review ‘Venus’ Directed By Eisha Marjara
Review by Peter Belsito‘Venus’ is a serious comedy about a family’s grudging, confused and difficult but slowly positive acceptance of their family member Sid (who is middle aged) as he transitions to a ‘she’ identity and becomes female.

This is the second ‘transgender’ feature I’ve seen recently.

First let me mention the other recent one from Chile, entitled A Fantastic Woman. It deals with a trans woman dealing with the sad death of her longtime lover and the vicious rejection of her by his family.

I mention that because this one also deals with family but in a very different way.

At once hilarious and serious, smart and sassy, Eisha Marjara’s articulate, absorbing and lively gender-shifting Canadian comedy is the witty tale of Sid, a transitioning woman going through a difficult time whose life takes a big turn when a 14-year-old boy named Ralph (Jamie Mayers
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