Monday Night Raw 5/20/13 – Ryback rules at Batista impersonations

As suspected, Extreme Rules was greatly superior to Wrestlemania in terms of match quality, length and storytelling. How do they keep getting this show so right, and the Grandest Stage of Them All so wrong? It’s not worth dwelling over; let’s instead focus on the pay-per-view itself, namely the fact that they’ve incorporated a ridiculous sports desk for pundits (wrestlers) to offer comment on the evening. The thing is, the likes of Wade Barrett and Titus O’Neill are less inclined to provide insightful analysis than brag about their own prowess. They’re asked a question and then respond with an irrelevant rant about how they’re going to dominate. Imagine watching Jamie Redknapp boast in the Sky Sports newsroom about how he’s far better than Messi. That’s what we’re seeing here, people.

Elsewhere on Extreme Rules, WWE solved the conundrum of pulling the
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WWE Smackdown Review: Looking At The “Two to Tango” Edition

Smackdown this week from Knoxville was quite the song and dance. With most most of the roster already in the UK it was a bare-bones crew. However, there was some solid wrestling and silliness definitely thrown in for good measure.

The show opens with Fandango having his long elaborate entrance as the crowd very quietly hums the theme. Then his attention turns to Lillian Garcia as he tests her dancing abilities asking her if she wants to Fandango with him. This leads to some awkward sequence where it almost looks like Garcia wanted to kiss him at one point. I love the combination of dirty Johnny Curtis from Nxt and Fandango it gives the character a lot more depth. In the end, Fandango drops Lillian for her bad skills leaving her distraught.

Santino comes out calling the dancing douche bag a couple bad names that he thinks are funny before they get to the match.

Gunplay Attack -- Footage Shows 50 Cent's Crew Unleash Beatdown

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**Warning -- This Video Contains Explicit Language**A video has surfaced showing rapper Gunplay getting his head slammed into a metal barricade outside the Bet Awards Sunday night in Atlanta -- and it appears 50 Cent was part of the violent mob.The clip shows 50 in the parking lot with his crew -- and out of nowhere, a massive brawl breaks out ... with rapper Gunplay on the receiving end of a ferocious attack.Gunplay weathered the
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