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DVD Review – Beyond the Woods (2018)

Beyond the Woods, 2018.

Directed by Sean Breathnach.

Starring John Ryan Howard, Mark Lawrence, Sean McGillicuddy, Ross Mac Mahon, Claire J. Loy, Alan Riordan, and Irene Kelleher.


Seven people stay in a secluded holiday cottage near where a sinkhole has opened up, unleashing evil forces into the area.

The first full-length feature for writer/director Sean Breathnach, Beyond the Woods is a low-budget independent horror movie that wears its influences quite proudly upon its sleeve. The title alone should give you an inkling as to where the film is set and the synopsis is a fairly well-trodden path to the kind of supernatural delights that the likes of Sam Raimi and Eli Roth would delight in making the most of, i.e. a small group of people trapped in a secluded cottage in the middle of the woods with some sort of impending doom about to befall them. Yes, Beyond
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‘Beyond the Woods’ DVD Review

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Stars: John Ryan Howard, Mark Lawrence, Ross Mac Mahon, Claire J. Loy, Irene Kelleher, Alan Riordan, Ruth Hayes, Sean McGillicuddy | Written and Directed by Sean Breathnach

Beyond the Woods has a familiar set up, with seven friends deciding to spend a weekend away in a secluded part of the Irish countryside; although this time they have the luxury of a cottage rather than your more traditional cabin in the woods. Unfortunately for them, when they arrive the soon realise that the comforts of their cottage getaway are offset by a fiery sinkhole which has opened up in the mountains nearby. Even though the house has been deemed to be a safe distance away, the sinkhole – which is burning Sulphur at over 800 degrees – is still having an effect, thanks to the powerful odour which is almost unbearable. With a planned weekend of alcohol and smoking weed to get them through, the
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Irish Horror Beyond The Woods To Screen At Fright Night Film Festival

Seán Breathnach's debut horror film is set to screen at the largest genre film festival in the USA, Fright Night Film Festival in Kentucky from November 25th to 27th. Written and directed by Breathnach, Beyond the Woods tells the story of a gang of friends who meet up for a weekend away in an isolated holiday home in the middle of a forest. Unfortunately for them, a fiery sink-hole has opened nearby, roads have been closed and there's a real stench of sulphur. The friends won't let a small thing like that spoil their plans to party, but as the weekend progresses some of them start acting out of character, one goes missing and little by little they realise that it's not just a sinkhole that opened up nearby but something altogether more horrific. The film stars Irene Kelleher (Game of Thrones), Ross Mac Mahon (Penny Dreadful) and Claire Loy
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