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Frightfest Glasgow 2021: ‘The Old Ways’ Review

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Frightfest Glasgow 2021: ‘The Old Ways’ Review
Stars: Brigitte Kali Canales, Andrea Cortés, Julia Vera, Sal Lopez, Aj Bowen, Weston Meredith | Written by Marcos Gabriel | Directed by Christopher Alender

Directed by Christopher Alender, this US-produced horror offers a Latin American twist on the standard possession story. The result is an engaging and unsettling horror that successfully gets under your skin and throws in some strong allegorical resonance for good measure.

After a short prologue, The Old Ways opens with a bold move, whereby the story ditches the usual character introduction and set-up in favour of jumping straight into the action. American – but Mexico-born – journalist Cristina (Brigitte Kali Canales) awakens to find herself tied up and held against her will in a small room. It quickly transpires that she’s been kidnapped by a group of mysterious locals – including Luz (Julia Vera) and her adult son Javi (Sal Lopez) – who believe that she’s possessed by a demon
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First Teaser for Witchcraft Horror Film 'The Old Ways' Set in Veracruz

First Teaser for Witchcraft Horror Film 'The Old Ways' Set in Veracruz
"They have seen something inside you." An early festival teaser trailer has unveiled for an indie horror film titled The Old Ways, from filmmaker Christopher Alender. This is premiering at the Sitges Film Festival this month, which is why this trailer is being released to build more buzz after its debut. The film follows Cristina Lopez, as played by Brigitte Kali Canales, a Mexican American reporter who goes back to her homeland of Veracruz in Mexico chasing a story on witchcraft and faith healers. But then she becomes the subject of her own story, kidnapped by a local "bruja" and her son. The indie cast includes Andrea Cortés, Julia Vera, Sal Lopez, Aj Bowen, Weston Meredith, & Julian Lerma. This is just a first look teaser, but there's enough creepy footage to give me a jolt. Snakes...! Why'd it have to be snakes?! Tread carefully. Here's the first teaser trailer (+ festival
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Frightfest 2019: ‘Dark Light’ Review

Stars: Jessica Madsen, Opal Littleton, Ed Brody, Kristina Clifford | Written and Directed by Padraig Reynolds

Back in 2012 I saw Padraig Reynolds’ debut feature Rites of Spring at Glasgow Frightfest, then in 2015 I caught his film Worry Dolls – again at Frightfest. Unfortunately I missed last years Open 24 Hours, however I was determined to see Reynolds’ latest, Dark Light, on the big screen at Frightfest. Being a huge fan of those two aforementioned films there was no way I was passing up the chance to see yet another slice of Reynolds’ particular style of horror.

Such a shame then that Dark Light felt totally derivative of Devil’s Gate, whch played in the exact same screen as Reynolds’ film back at Frightfest in 2017…

Dark Light tells the story of Annie Knox who, following a split from her husband, the death of her mother and a nervous breakdown returns to her remote family
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