Welcome to Pine Hill | Review - Slamdance 2012

Director: Keith Miller Writer: Keith Miller Starring: Shannon Harper, Keith Miller, Ernest Bastien, Brian Ketover, Lily Jayne, B.J. Rubin, Manuel Maya, Mary Meyers, David Williams, Jaiden Kaine, Mark Anthony Hackett, Junior Adolphe, Willie Meyers, Margaret Meyers, Jay Williams, Thom Jude, Mark Read Keith (Keith Miller) is out walking his pit bull puppy one night. Abu (Shannon Harper) approaches Keith while forcefully stating "That's my dog!" A long and heated discussion about the rightful ownership of the dog ensues. Fueled by the two men's most glaring physical (body size and race) and economic differences, the scenario becomes increasingly tense. I am not sure how Hollywood would have handled such an opening scene -- which was initially released as a short film Prince/William -- but I can promise that the issues of race would not have been handled as adroitly as they are here. Writer-director Keith Miller adapted this scene
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