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ESHE Magazine (US) August 15 2018, by: David Jordan Jr, "FRENZY SHARKNADO WEEK"
247 Hip Hop (US) July 25 2017, "Lanett Tachel: Know your End Goal Hip Hop and Diversity in Hollywood"
Six Weeks to Fitness (US) June 3 2017, Iss. 104, by: Vincent Ferguson
Newsline 360 (US) April 12 2017, by: Giovannie Espiritu, "Q & A with Lanett Tachel"
Blog Critics (US) July 1 2016, by: Nicole Weaver, "Lanett Tachel: Actress Producer and CoWriter of ILLICIT"
Quiet on the Set Magazine (US) March 28 2016, by: Erik Humphrey, "Lanett Tachel: On the Move in LA"

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