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‘You’re the Worst’ Review: A Profound Finale Proclaims the Happy Ending Is Already Here

‘You’re the Worst’ Review: A Profound Finale Proclaims the Happy Ending Is Already Here
[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for “You’re the Worst” Season 5, Episode 13, “Pancakes,” the series finale.]

As it began, so, too, did it end. Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) met at a wedding during the “You’re the Worst” series premiere, and they left one in the series finale. That it was their own wedding, before it happened, served not only as a nice spin on expectations, but a key takeaway from the series finale: While so many romantic-comedies present the alter as the ultimate goal, Stephen Falk’s incisive and rebellious take dares to see it as a sacrifice.

So, no, the two worsties didn’t tie the knot. All that came before wasn’t one long trek toward vows, a ceremony, and a reception. But Jimmy and Gretchen abandoning their long-in-the-works ceremony at the last second wasn’t because of a break-up, as was teased so torturously throughout the season. Those tricky flash-forwards were used to make viewers confront the very real
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Stars Join 6th Annual Autism Speaks Chip In Celebrity Poker Tournament

Autism Speaks is hosting their 6th Annual Chip In Celebrity Poker Tournament on Saturday, August 18th at Hudson Loft in Downtown Los Angeles.

This lively evening of poker and philanthropy will be hosted by Jeff Michael, Co-Anchor of CB2 News This Morning, and will bring together a diverse group of celebrities including: Rj Mitte (“Breaking Bad”), Ed Begley Jr. (“Whatever Works”), Fred Melamed, Patrika Darbo (“Days of Our Lives”), Sean Kanan (“Bold and the Beautiful”), Brandon Black, M.J. Dougherty (“Life Lessons from a Total Failure”), Elizabeth J. Carlisle, Erin Murphy (“Bewitched”), Massi Furlan (“The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”), Monty Geer (“Awkward”), Ty Olsson (“X-Men 2”), Niko Pepaj (Daytime Divas), Michael Patrick Lane (“Dynasty”), Lea Coco (“Queen Sugar”), William Marquart (Subject 5"), Michael Dargatis (“Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Katy Bodenhamer (“The Office”) and more celebrity guests to be announced all supporting Autism Speaks in its mission to promote solutions,
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