Fertility Virus Leads to Apocalyptic Doom in New TV Series Dystopia

Imagine a dystopic world in which children haven't been born in 25 years. It's total chaos. With no one left to inherit the earth, the surviving humans have pretty much run the planet into the ground. It's in this world that the new 10 episode series "Dystopia" unfolds.

The series, with British director Paul Tanter behind the camera, stars Michael Copon and Sheena Colette as a pair of scientists who "stumble upon time travel and the opportunity to change their fate, but all is not certain as changes they make in the past have unforeseen life threatening consequences in their future." Basically, it's Children of Men with time travel.

Along with Copon and Colette, the show also stars Eve Mauro, Leo Goodman, Peter Woodward, Al Sapienza, Jason Faunt, Leslie Lopez and Michael M [Continued ...]
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The Bourne Legacy (2012) Teaser Trailer: Jeremy Renner, Tony Gilroy

The Bourne Legacy Trailer. Tony Gilroy‘s The Bourne Legacy (2012) teaser trailer stars Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Oscar Isaac, and Joan Allen. The Bourne Legacy‘s plot synopsis: “A story centered on a new CIA operative in the universe based on Robert Ludlum’s novels.”

I have only seen the first The Bourne Identity film and the superior TV movie. This teaser trailer is very good and will remind the viewer of Casino Royale‘s beginning.

About this incarnation of The Bourne Legacy:

This screenplay, while not based on any specific Robert Ludlum novel, was rewritten until its current form, credited to Tony Gilroy and his brother Dan Gilroy.

The Bourne Legacy also stars Albert Finney, Scott Glenn, David Strathairn, Corey Stoll, Stacy Keach, Sheena Colette, Michael Papajohn, Michael Chernus, Nilaja Sun, and Eli Harris.

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