Water crisis across the world: Chennai activist group screens films to start dialogue

DocumentaryThe screening had four films which revealed the extent of the water crisis around the world.Anjana ShekarFor some, water is more than just a resource. It’s a source of sustenance, a way of life. Civilisations grew around water sources and in many cultures, water is glorified, worshiped and revered. Its absence or excess is felt acutely and as the saying goes, water truly is the elixir of life. For Chennai, the south Indian coastal city, water is an important and urgently discussed topic this summer. Just a few years ago too, water was all that people could talk about, but for a different reason. Then it was a question of excess water. Now, even as rain clouds loom above Chennai’s skies at long last, its water situation is still being debated across the world. ‘Will Chennai go down the Cape Town way?’ headlines read as sections of
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