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Bloody First Look at Kerb Crawlers

Ever wonder how to make a snuff film? I mean, I guess it would be like any other film, right? You need your shot list, good lighting, etc. I'd say get a tripod, too, because that shaky-cam shit is So overdone! Need any more advice? James Plumb's Kerb Crawlers should do the trick!

The flick stars Matthew Batte, Matthew Doman, Martyn Stallard, Lee Bane, Mel Stevens, Rachel Leonard, Rose Granger, Simon Riordan, and Daisy Dior as "Ana."


Hired to make a depraved snuff movie, five men abduct a young woman to be their plaything for the night. However, once the cameras start rolling so do heads as they discover their victim belongs to another... something living inside of her... something monstrous. The tables now turned, the men will receive a lesson on true pain and torture as they become the "stars" of the film.

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