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Trailer: Vin Diesel's The Ropes Web Series

Vin Diesel has been working on a web series, called "The Ropes," which gives an inside look into the explosive world of nightclub security. The series is written, produced and directed by Diesel, and today we have a trailer for it. Check out the trailer below. Plot: The series follows the naive Martin (Ryan Ahern), who hustles his way into a job as a bouncer before being taken under the wing of Big Vic (F. Valentino Morales), a club legend, who prides himself on being the epitome of a fighter and ladies man. But soon, Martin is lured into a nefarious underworld by Les (Gonzalo Menendez), another bouncer with his own crooked outlook. It's then that Martin must wrestle with his head and heart as he navigates a world shaped by bribes, beautiful women and . above all . brotherhood. The series will consist of eighteen 7-minute episodes. If you have Netflix account,
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Watch a New Trailer for Vin Diesel’s The Ropes

We previously told you about Vin Diesel's new web series, The Ropes, which follows a brotherhood of bouncers at NYC's hottest club. Now rather than just read about it, you can check it out for yourself. We've got a new trailer for The Ropes, which is written, directed and produced by Diesel. But you can also start watching the episodes right now if you have a Netflix account. The series follows a group of burly gatekeepers as they make sure only the top-most talent gets in the club while keeping the riff raff out. However, the gang gets mixed up in some illicit activity and has to go to some extreme odds to protect their own. The Ropes stars Ryan Ahern (Unstoppable), F. Valentino Morales (The Fast and the Furious) and Gonzalo Menendez (The Island). Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Thanks to Jeff Sneider at Variety for the heads up.
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