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All Is Calm in Dead Night: A Film Review

*there are spoilers here. Director: Brad Baruh. Writers: Irving Walker and Brad Baruh. Cast: Elise Luthman, Joshua Hoffman, James Bartz, Mikie Beatty, Joseph Bishara, Aj Bowen, Shauna Case and Jagger Chase. Good night or Dead Night, the name of this feature, is a euphemism trying to be developed in this creature feature, slasher cum cabin in the wood scenario. Here, the Pollack family are about to arrive at a retreat. James (Aj Bowen) has cancer and the forest sanctuary they are going to has a mystic reputation for healing. Just how that works is uncertain. I can guess that's due to either ley lines or a meteorite that crashed at this spot over a millennia ago. Both are implied. Casey (Brea Grant) and their children, Jessica (Sophie Dalah) and Jason (Joshua Hoffman), are together for some family bonding time. By all indications, James is dying. Tagging along is Jessica’s
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