Movie Pitch Comedy Sketch - Boats

Here's a hysterically fun comedy short that features a couple of executives pitching the next big CG animated film called Boats. Everyone gets overly excited about the possibilities of how much money they will make from the movie, that they skip the most important part of the filmmaking aspect, and that's coming up with a story. It's a satire on how Hollywood typically works. There is one voice of reason in the room, but no one seems to understand why he doesn't get what they are trying to accomplish. 

Hot off the success of "Cars" and "Planes," a room full of executives dreams up the next big thing... "Boats"! But is it the story they care about or is it $omething el$$$e...?

The short was written, directed, and edited by Justin Dec, and it stars Jim O'Heir (Parks & Recreation), Kevin Wu, Taylor Miller (Magic City), Denver Milord (Jack Reacher), and Clancy McLain.
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