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God Told Me To Screening at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema

Larry Cohen’s 1976 film God Told Me To will be screened at Brooklyn’s Nitehawk Cinema on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 7:30 pm in Dcp format. Following the screening, actors Tony LoBianco and Randy Jurgensen will be on hand to discuss the film. From the press release:

Armed with nothing but a cheap mail order rifle, an everyday Joe turns expert sniper, randomly taking out over a dozen New Yorkers. Devout detective Peter Nicholas … Continue reading →
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God Told Me To – Midnights at The Hi-Pointe This Weekend

“….God told me to!”

God Told Me To screens midnights this Friday and Saturday (March 6th and 7th) at The Hi-Pointe Theater (1005 McCausland Ave., St. Louis, Mo 63117)

In the Fall of 1976, my father dropped me off at the Hi-Pointe Theater after church one Sunday because I’d been bugging him about seeing the new horror film Rabid by David Cronenberg, a director who would soon become a favorite. Rabid was the first half of a double feature that afternoon, paired with something called Demon, which I knew nothing about except that it was rated R and was called Demon. While I loved the gory Rabid (and still do), my 14-year old mind was mostly just bewildered by the deranged religious madness and paranormal confusion on display in the less-gruesome Demon. About a dozen years later, I rented the VHS of Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To, and was surprised
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5 Horror Films Criterion Should Release on Blu-ray

Like many film enthusiasts, I love the Criterion Collection. I scoff at some of their selections—I won’t name names—but for the most part, I anticipate new releases with excitement and glee (June’s slate is particularly amazing). Of course, due to lack of finances, I can’t buy as many as I would like – though someday, I will own the entire collection, despite the current economy offering little to no financial opportunity for an individual with my interests and skill set, but I digress.

I do, however, have a minor beef with Criterion. While admiring most of their titles, I’d love to see more emphasis on genre stuff—especially horror. And don’t get me wrong, Criterion boasts some excellent titles—Carnival of Lost Souls, Sisters, The Vanishing, Godzilla, The Devil’s Backbone, Repulsion, plus the highly anticipated release of Scanners being not far off—but they need more.
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God Told Me To

When a sniper guns down 14 pedestrians at random on the streets of New York City, cop with a troubled personal life, Peter Nicholas, is up for the job of reasoning with him. Though he doesn’t manage to talk him down from his killing spot atop the water tower, he does elicit a reason from him before he throws himself to his death. As Nicholas investigates further killings across the city it becomes apparent that something connects them all; the killer’s dying confessions reveal that “God told me to.” As the investigation takes shape, the common ground for each killer is having met an elusive long-haired stranger shortly before their crimes, but who is this ubiquitous being and what will Detective Nicholas’s connection to them be? Find out in Larry Cohen’s genre-busting cult classic.

New York City in the 70’s had a tendency to be portrayed in
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Blu-Ray Review: God Told Me To

It’s hard to hide my hand on this one but Blue Underground is releasing an underrated gem with Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To. If you aren’t familiar with Cohen, I guarantee that you have seen his work. Cohen has directed The Stuff, Bone, It’s Alive, Phone Booth. He may not have the style of directors like Cronenberg or Carpenter but Cohen’s strength is his writing.

The Movie

Peter Nicholas (Tony Lo Bianco) is a repressed Catholic cop who is living with his mistress while unable to completely sever ties with his wife due to what he believes in. Peter takes the call about a madman perched on a water tower in the middle of New York City picking people off with a hunting rifle equipped with a scope that we later find out really wasn’t adequate for the long-range murders that this man was committing.
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