Fantasia Review: ‘Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High’ Offers a Catty War of Attrition

We are defined by moments, decisions made by us or for us by another. For Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda) it was always the choice between love of the piano (his mother’s passion) and a desire to please his father (Kôtarô Yoshida’s Josuke Akaba) by following a path towards political power — something he himself failed to achieve. Teiichi chooses the latter because of something his Dad said during a rant about status and control: that ascension to the height of Japan’s Prime Minister is to position oneself as maker of the country. Only at the top can you dictate true change and/or ensure your passions are protected under law. It’s a lofty goal that proves as much about self-sacrifice as it does about self-centeredness. And the journey begins now.

Well, that’s a lie. As Akira Nagai’s Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High — adapted by Yoshihiro Izumi
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