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Jason Horton’s The Campus on VOD (Amazon Instant) – Available Now!

“The Devil Will Take Your Soul…One Piece At a Time.” Director Jason Horton’s (Monsters in the Woods) The Campus will be releasing through Video-on-demand this week. This indie horror film puts Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryant) in a demonic limbo, after her father makes a deal with the Devil. Robert C. Pullman (“Fragmented”), Brit Sheridan (“Supernatural”) …

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The Campus Descends into the Inferno this February 1st through Amazon Instant

Tagline: “The Devil Will Take Your Soul...One Piece At a Time.” Jason Horton's The Campus just had a World Premiere in Hollywood, this past week. The film stars Rachel Amanda Bryant as Morgan. She is trapped in a supernatural series of planes, after her father makes a pact with the Devil. Robert C. Pullman (“Fragmented”), Brit Sheridan (“Supernatural”) and Scott Menville also star. Now, The Campus is set to show on Amazon Instant. A preview of the film's Video-on-demand is hosted here. The Campus has been reviewed on this site A The Campus Review on 28Dla. The film, written by Horton, incorporates several smaller stories in a larger narrative. Basically, there is a series of scenes with a killer a cult, another series of scenes with the undead, and another with Morgan falling apart a la Eli Roth's Cabin Fever (2002). There is a lot of material to dissect in this indie horror film.
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The Campus will Leave You Speechless: A Film Review

*full disclosure: an online screener of this film was provided by director Jason Horton. This film critic and Jason Horton have worked together on this project, including though online marketing. Tagline: "The Devil Will Take Your Soul...One Piece at a Time." Director/writer: J. Horton. Cast: Rachel Amanda Bryant, Brit Sheridan, Scott Menville and Robert C. Pullman. The Campus is the latest film from director Jason Horton (Monsters in the Woods, 2012). This time, Horton makes a deal with the Devil, in this small budget horror title. Morgan played, by Rachel Amanda Bryant, is central to the film as she delivers most of the film's sparse dialogue. Meanwhile, Satan (Kevin Caliber) is stealing Morgan's soul, one step at a time. There are less than fifty lines here. So, viewers will have to pay attention, to uncover story details. As well, Horton diversifies the film's plot quite a bit, with at
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The Campus Brings a Curse to the Screen and to Hollywood this January

“The Devil Will Take Your Soul...One Piece At a Time.” A few details are emerging for Jason Horton's (Monsters in the Woods, 2012) The Campus. This horror title involves a young woman and her greed. After the death of her father, Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryant) is struck by a curse. It kills her, resurrects her - only to kill her again. The Campus will have its World Premiere in Hollywood, in late January. In early February, this indie horror title will show through Video-on-demand. This title also stars: Robert C. Pullman, James L. Bills and Paul Norman. A trailer and movie poster are available here. The Devil has made a pact with Morgan's father (Pullman). The deal is passed from father to daughter. Now, Morgan is haunted by true terror as she tries to break a never ending cycle. There are plans for The Campus to show on VOD. The
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Horror Highlights: Knock Knock Trailer, House Of Demons Coming to DVD & Digital, The Campus Release Details

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Inspired by the VHS horror heyday of the ’80s, Toby Canto's new movie Knock Knock headlines today's Horror Highlights with a spooky trailer, and we also have info on the House of Demons DVD and the upcoming release of J. Horton's horror film The Campus.

Knock Knock Trailer: "'Knock Knock' tells the story of down-on-his-luck former boxer Sam Grant, who one night finds himself caught in a whirlwind of conjecture and conundrum as his colorful and quirky neighbors come to him with scary tales of their apartment’s mysterious new resident."

To learn more about Knock Knock, visit the film on Facebook and Vimeo, and watch the trailer below:


House of Demons Coming to DVD & Digital: Press Release: "Culver City, Calif. (Dec. 15, 2017) – Terror finds a new home in the supernatural horror-thriller House Of Demons, which is being distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on digital
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Jason Horton Brings his 5 Sins to Burbank, CA: Early Casting Details and Concept Art

“Morgan is Going to Die Tonight... a Lot!” Jason Horton's (Monsters in the Woods) latest project is titled 5 Sins. Shooting will begin this May, in Burbank, California. The film deals with a curse and the Devil's desire to steal Morgan's soul, bit by bit. Partial casting has been announced and includes: Robert C. Pullman, Rachel Amanda Bryant, Aaron Groben, Hakeemshady Mohamed, Justin Chamberlain and Scott Menville. Special and creature effects will be handled by spfx veteran Robert M. Bravo. A preview of this supernatural film is hosted here. The story involves Morgan (Bryant) and her relationship with her father. Her father has brought a curse on his family, which is passed to the next generation. Now, Morgan must find a way to outsmart the Devil, before she loses her soul forever! Early concept art has been released for the film. The graphics show some of the demonic entities, therein.
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