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[TV] Television Snippets - Nipped, Tucked, Closed

The triumphant return of "Television Snippets" has arrived. Not only am I past a 3,000 mile move from one coast of the Us to another, but the Fall season has completely wrapped up, the Olympics have come and gone, and the Spring season is officially back. Sure, I could have come back in January, but shows only came back for 3 weeks or so before the Olympics, so I figured I'd wait until now.

Note: I won't be talking about ratings this week because of the Olympics (the last time I'll mention them, I promise).

So let's do this.

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Nip/Tuck just aired its last episode. It was a shockingly subdued season, focusing more on the relationship between Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). Instead of chaos, murder, mayhem, racist abusing tranvestites, or severe drug addiction, this season showed us the final deterioration of McNamara/Troy. While on first thought,
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'Project Runway' exit interview: Ousted designer talks about surprise ejection and competitor's 'flailing disaster'

'Project Runway' exit interview: Ousted designer talks about surprise ejection and competitor's 'flailing disaster'
Spoiler Alert: Below, we talk to the designer ousted on last night's Project Runway. It was a surprising judging decision and the evictee talks all about his/her response and what he/she thought of the "hot mess" shown by a competitor. Stop reading now if you don't want to know who said Auf Wiedersehen! In one of the most controversial judging decisions in Project Runway history, Jesse LeNoir and his drop of silver puffiness got Auf'ed over Emilio Sosa's wretchedly unwearable washers-and-pink-cord bikini. We talked to the erstwhile Captain Jack Sparrow — he worked as an actor at Disney
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"Project Runway" 7.07 Recap: "Hard Wear"

Designer Jay Nicolas

First off, how about that Project Runway rerun last week? Sorry to leave everyone hanging…

By now, we all know the formula. We begin with the designers waking up in their apartments on the morning of the challenge. Jay is super excited to have made it to the Top Ten. He’s going to get a lot of coverage in tonight’s episode, which we all know can either be a good thing…or a bad thing. Over at the ladies’, Mila expresses her disappointment. She’s sad to see only three female designers are left: herself, Amy, and Maya.

At the meeting on the runway with a very pregnant Heidi Klum, the designers learn they are going to see Tim Gunn and “a famous American designer” (or is it “one of America’s favorite designers”? Regardless, we all know the formula, and who it’s going to be: Michael Kors.
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'Runway' star eyes 'new' Oscar fashion

'Runway' star eyes 'new' Oscar fashion
Project Runway star Jesse LeNoir has said that he will be focussing on what the newer Hollywood stars wear at this weekend's Academy Awards. The actor and designer became the latest contestant to leave the Lifetime fashion show this week, after failing to impress the judges with his copper-based bodice and dress. When asked by Digital Spy what stars he wants to see on the red carpet, he replied: "I enjoy seeing the younger stars who are a little newer to the whole thing, because it's either wildly inappropriate or a really amazing risk that just wows everyone. "For me personally, I always want it to (more)
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Project Runway Castoff Ping Wu Sounds Off

Last night's episode of Project Runway throttled every decent viewer's spirit to the core. Chinese-born designer Ping Wu was eliminated during a team challenge in which she was paired with the huffy, cuss-spewing Jesse LeNoir. While Wu's rather spacey approach to design may not have been very partner-compatible, the verbal beating she took from LeNoir seemed like overkill. Movieline spoke with Wu this morning about leadership, LeNoir's lies, and the model who sold her out to the judges.
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"Project Runway" 7.01 Recap: "Back to New York"

Let me begin by saying how honored I am to be the official Ruwway recapper this season here at A few years ago (during the Kenley's reign of terror, I think) a group of friends started gathering with my partner, Craig, and I, and our housemate, Dan, at what I’ve come to call The Party Pad in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

In these recaps, I'll share with you not only “what happened” on each episode, but also the opinions and off-the-cuff comments of our viewing party viewers — mostly all gay men, but occasionally we have a straight couple who joins us. Without further rambling, here we go!

Tonight’s Players include: Jason, a pharmacology writer and photographer, Dan (the housemate), an actor and now playwright (look for his first play, Daddy, to premiere in NYC later this month), Nick & Adam, an actor and his marketing manager partner, Andrew
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Meet "Team Gay" from "Project Runway Season 7"

Let's face it &#8212 the last season of Project Runway was pretty much a bust. The challenges were dull, the designs were uninspired, and there was no consistency with the judges.

Perhaps it had something to do with the show moving to Los Angeles, which is always a debacle (remember Laverne & Shirley?), but there was definitely something ... missing.

There's reason to be hopeful about Season 7, though, as the show will return to New York, and it appears that our favorite judges will be back.

Premiering on Thursday, January 14, 2010, at 10Pm Et, host Heidi Klum, mentor Tim Gunn, judges Michael Kors (leading designer) and Nina Garcia (fashion director for Marie Claire magazine) will be joined by 16 new designers vying for a shot to make their way to Bryant Park and show their collection in front of top industry insiders during New York Fashion Week.

There are only three four out designers that
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