The Fratellis – We Need Medicine Review

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The Fratellis have never concerned themselves with how far they hover from the fault line of respectability – their Usp is unashamed, inoffensive guitar-pop that some might call thrilling, others might call bland. In the end, their 2006 debut ‘Costello Music’ was a critical and commercial accomplishment that cemented them as the more accessible, watered-down cousins of The Libertines, which probably sounds much harsher than it really is. Their follow-up ‘Here We Stand’ came too late to cash in on their ‘Best Breakthrough Act’ win at the 2007 Brits and ended up being a bit of a non-event.

As a result, the band drifted into an indefinite hiatus by 2009, occupying their time in various other musical projects. A few years down the line and a downplayed reunion later, ‘We Need Medicine’ arrives – the third instalment in the band’s canon which takes their familiar barrel-rolling post-Britpop formula and stirs

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