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Print Biographies (2)

Andrea Ferrante. Volti Di Un Territorio - Portraits Of A Land. Pescara, Italy: Associazione Culturale "Misfits Project", 2018.
Dom Serafini. I Messaggeri Dell'Abruzzo Nel Mondo - Vol. 1. Edizioni Il Viandante, 2020. ISBN 8885561845

Interviews (18)

befores & afters (AU) January 5 2022, by: Ian Failes, "That dance scene in 'Red Notice' featured some incredible invisible visual effects"
New York Film Academy Blog (US) October 25 2021, by: Laura Bailey-Wickins, "3D Animation & VFX Alum Francesco Panzieri on 'DUNE' Coming Soon to Theaters"
Bright Festival (IT) December 19 2020, Iss. Bright Educational 2020: Professioni del futuro, "Effetti visivi: trasformare un sogno in carriera nel cinema"
GlobeNewswire (US) November 13 2020, by: Katie Skelly, "New York Film Academy Alum Francesco Panzieri Leads Team of Artists as Compositing Supervisor for Netflix Holiday Film "Jingle Jangle""
New York Film Academy Blog (US) May 17 2018, by: Chase Harrison, "A Peek Behind The VFX of "Avengers: Infinity War" with New York Film Academy 3D Animation Alum Francesco Panzieri"
New York Film Academy Blog (US) July 6 2017, by: Jeanne Joe Perrone, "Behind the Scenes of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" With NYFA Alum & Digital Compositor Francesco Panzieri"
Nerdando.Com (IT) July 4 2017, by: Giacomo Fracassi, "Due chiacchiere con: Francesco Panzieri (Spider-Man: Homecoming)"
B&H Explora (US) June 2016, by: Val Lazarev, "5 Filmmakers Share Tips on What to Expect after Film School"
New York Film Academy Blog (US) January 19 2016, by: Nicholas Zurko, "The Force Awakens for NYFA VFX Alum Francesco Panzieri"
Il Centro (IT) December 18 2015, Iss. 347, pg. 21, by: Pietro Lambertini, "La mano di un pescarese sul set di Guerre Stellari"
Il Messaggero (IT) May 24 2015, pg. 1, by: Paolo Vercesi, "Da Pescara a Hollywood, l'effetto è speciale"
New York Film Academy Blog (US) June 16 2014, by: Eugene Farber, "From Italy To Hollywood: NYFA Animation Graduate Francesco Panzieri Shares How To Become A Visual Effects Artist"
Movieplayer.it (IT) November 3 2011, by: Valentina D'Amico, "Intervista a Francesco Panzieri, visual effects artist di Warrior & Abduction"
L'Italo-Americano (US) July 1 2011, by: Simone Schiavinato, "Voce ai giovani italiani a Los Angeles - Intervista a Francesco Panzieri"
Nuok (IT) February 28 2011, by: Alice Avallone, "Oggi a New York: Francesco Panzieri"
Radio Deejay (IT) February 25 2011, by: Vic - The Network, "Gli Effetti Speciali del Mago - Intervista a Francesco Panzieri"
MU6 - Il Giornale dei Musei d'Abruzzo (IT) February 1 2011, Iss. 17, by: Massimiliano Scuderi, "Il Personaggio: Francesco Panzieri"
Il Centro (IT) February 28 2010, Iss. 58, by: Pietro Lambertini, "Un pescarese a Hollywood - Sul sangue finto di De Vito c'e' il graffio di Panzieri"

Articles (19)

Yahoo Finance (US) November 10 2021, by: Laura Bailey-Wickins, "New York Film Academy (NYFA) Community Represented in the 47th People's Choice Award Nominations"
Study International (GB) March 5 2021, by: Amanda Chin Tsai, "Degrees Explained: Film and Television"
New York Film Academy (US) October 22 2020, "New York Film Academy 3D Animation & VFX Alum Francesco Panzieri Works As Compositing Supervisor For Netflix's 'Jingle Jangle'"
Il Messaggero (IT) July 13 2019, by: Dom Serafini, "Panzieri, il mago degli effetti speciali"
Animation Magazine (US) July 12 2017, by: Mercedes Milligan, "NYFA Alum Gets in the Swing with 'Spider-Man'"
PRWeb.com (US) July 6 2017, by: Maya Koshaba, "Behind the Scenes of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" With Digital Compositor Francesco Panzieri"
New York Film Academy (US) July 3 2017, "NYFA 3D Animation Conservatory Graduate Francesco Panzieri is Digital Compositor On "Spider-Man: Homecoming""
Rete 8 TV (IT) December 18 2015, by: Gigliola Edmondo, "Panzieri, dall'Abruzzo a "Star Wars". Gli effetti speciali del nuovo film sono di un giovane abruzzese."
LaDolceVita.tv (IT) December 3 2015, by: Noemi Trivellone, "Nuovo "Guerre Stellari": Gli Effetti Speciali sono dell'Abruzzese Panzieri"
IlMondo.tv (IT) December 2 2015, "Nuovo "Guerre stellari"; gli effetti speciali sono dell'Abruzzese Panzieri"
Il Messaggero (IT) November 27 2015, pg. 53, by: Federica Fusco, "Le Guerre Stellari di Panzieri"
PrimaDaNoi.it (IT) November 27 2015, "Guerre Stellari, nel nuovo film della saga la firma del pescarese Panzieri"
Federazione Abruzzese del Michigan (US) September 2013, Vol. 9, Iss. 8, pg. 14, by: Enzo Paglia, "ABRUZZO HERITAGE - Francesco panzieri"
New York Film Academy Blog (US) April 26 2011, "New York Film Academy Graduate Does Visual Effects for Clash of the Titans and Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls"
Quotidano d'Abruzzo (IT) February 27 2011, "Hollywood, applausi per l'Accademia"
Abruzzo Blog (IT) February 26 2011, "Terremoto: Applausi ad Hollywood per Film Accademia Immagine"
Abruzzo Web (IT) February 26 2011, "Applausi a Hollywood per Film Accademia dell'Immagine su Sisma"
Il Capoluogo d'Abruzzo (IT) February 26 2011, "Accademia Immagine: applausi ad Hollywood per film su L'Aquila"
AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (IT) February 26 2011, "Terremoto: Applausi ad Hollywood per Film Accademia Immagine"

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