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‘A Nun’s Curse’ Review

‘A Nun’s Curse’ Review
Stars: Felissa Rose, Damian Maffei, Gunner Willis, Kristi Ray, Jason Vail, Erika Edwards | Written and Directed by Tommy Faircloth

“Prisoners begged for mercy…they got nun.”

In horror cinema, groups of young adults always seem to find themselves entering spooky or abandoned locations… Will they ever learn?

Opening in a palette of creepy-cool midnight blue, Ashley-Kae (Erika Edwards) retells her nighttime childhood entailing her fear of the terrifying Sister Monday (Felissa Rose) hidden under the bed, in her closet, and in her head. In the present day, however, she leads a group consisting of her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and a classmate. At first, in Ashley being a keen photographer, the group take a stop on their travels (much to the dismay of the sister and her boyfriend), so that Ashley is able to capture a few shots for her thesis, but that isn’t her only desire. Only
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‘Pieces of Talent’ Review

Stars: David Long, Kristi Ray, Taylor Kowalski, Barbara Weetman, Jon Stafford, Nate Panning, Joy Merrow, Shane Callahan, John Marchioni, Simon Crist, Shaun O’Rourke, Johnny Blanton, Patt Noday, Donna Stamm | Written by Joe Stauffer, David Long | Directed by Joe Stauffer

Those who know me personally within certain circles know that I have something of a distaste for a lot of the underground horror films released over the past couple of years. Especially when it comes to “extreme” underground horror. If I had a penny for the amount of times I have been coaxed in to watching an effort that’s been hyped or included in one one of those tedious “Most Extreme Horror Films!” slideshow videos on Youtube (You’re always going to get a lot of views doing one of those lists by the way!), only to be completely disappointed and bored out of my skull, I’d have
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Pieces of Entertainment – A Review of Pieces of Talent

There was a time, long before the internet, that I went out of my way to find out absolutely anything about a movie I was excited about. I begged my parents for issues of Fango, mailed away for catalogs, actually read the entertainment section of the newspaper, literally anything I could do to get information about a movie. Here we are, years later, and all of that information is literally in our hands at any given second, and I find myself going out of my way to not know anything about a film going into it. Word of mouth, hype, false praise, etc. run rampant these days and nine times out of ten, I find myself in total disagreement with the vast majority, be they positive or negative. We’ve all got our own taste in things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As such, I like to form my own opinions.
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Get Obsessed! Pieces of Talent Now Available on DVD/VHS

There are great dangers in being an actor. The cutthroat competition, the grueling days on set… and the obsessed serial killers. Well, that serial killer thing isn't the norm, but it's front and center in Pieces of Talent.

Now available to stream, as well as on DVD and in old school VHS format, Pieces of Talent was co-written and directed by Joe Stauffer. It stars co-writer David Long. He is joined in the cast by Kristi Ray, Jon Stafford (Full Metal Jacket), Barbara Weetman (Stuck in Love) and Taylor Kowalski (Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever).

The gruesome F/X were done by Tony Rosen, who created the Annabelle doll for The Conjuring and its upcoming spinoff.

An autographed copy of the film can be purchased at the Pieces of Talent webstore, where you can also pick up other cool items like a bloody VHS Death Tape and hand-painted David Long bobbleheads.
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Pieces Of Talent Now Available On DVD & VHS

I know very little about this film, mostly on purpose. I have heard Piece of Talent being mentioned by several friends, and on various Facebook groups that focus on solid indie horror, so it was already on my radar, but I have no idea what it is all about. A press release went out today, announcing that the film was now available on DVD & VHS through the Pieces of Talent website. I’m always excited to check out new indie horror films, even though the typical indie horror output as of late has been a little bit disappointing. However, there are definitely still a few gems that slip through the cracks, and this is shaping up to be one of them, in my eyes. Check out the press release below, and order your copy today.


Set in the small coastal town of Bright Leaf, North Carolina, Pieces of Talent centers around Charlotte,
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Pieces Of Talent Review [Nychff 2013]

I absolutely love when a horror movie can make my skin crawl not out of typical scares and thrills, but out of unnerving, twisted psychological terror. Any film can use ghosts and monsters to create a fear of the unknown, but it takes more intelligent and gritty horror movies to make me fear man himself, especially when the intentions are positive. There’s nothing scarier than a man who blindly believes his own disturbing, hurtful ideals, and it’s even scarier when said man carries out those sick ideals with a smile on his face. That, in a matter of words, is Joe Stauffer’s Pieces Of Talent, a movie that will make you question the very meaning of the word “trust.”

Charlotte (Kristi Ray) is an aspiring actress struggling to find her big break, but until she does, she can look forward to a future of waitressing and living with her pushy mother.
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Shutter Blade Media's 'Pieces of Talent'

A new horror and thriller film came to my attention on YouTube when I logged in and saw that Appsro Animation had uploaded a new Renegade Awesome video entitled Pieces of Talent. The animated short is pushing the Shutter Blade Media film, as the film's creator is a fan of the work of the animation studio.

It was directed by Joe Stauffer, and written by Joe Stauffer and David Long. It stars Shane Callahan (Vampire Diaries), Taylor Kowalski (Homeland), Barbara Weetman (One Tree Hill), Kristi Ray (Children of Wax) and David Long. Most of the movie was filmed right here in my own state of North Carolina, and one of the stars of the film, Kristi Ray is also from New Bern, Nc.

All in all I am actually looking forward to getting a chance to see this film, it looks to be a good movie and I am a sucker anyway for horror,
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Weekend Indie Spotlight

Each weekend we include independent horror news sent our way. If you want to be featured in our next round-up, send us an email.

The Perfect House: Marketed as the first movie to premiere on Facebook, The Perfect House is now available on Facebook via Flicklaunch:

“In The Perfect House, newlyweds Mike and Marisol (Will Robertson and Andrea Vahl), are given the tour of their dream home by a perky real estate agent (Monique Parent) and they soon find out their perfect house might just have a foreboding past. The ugly horrors of this house are revealed through three original tales of terror detailing the grim circumstances of the previous occupants. Done as an anthology, each short story in this homage to horror emulates the story and shooting styles of specific time periods in cinematic horror history. The film is directed by Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent and stars Monique Parent,
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