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‘Bundy and the Green River Killer’ DVD Review

Stars: Richard Mark, Lara Goodison, Mark Homer, Paris Stangl, Andromeda Godfrey, Rahel Kapsaski, Jared Nelson, Emma Stacey, Lola Claire, Phillip Roy | Written and Directed by Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones has directed and written A Lot of horror movies since his debut, Teenage Wasteland, back in 2006. With Bundy and the Green River Killer, Jones takes on the true crime story that inspired Silence of the Lambs, the story of The Green River Killer that took place in Washington State back in the 80s.The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy is imprisoned and on death row in the state of Florida for his horrific crimes, but soon afterwards a woman is murdered and many more bodies are discovered in Green River.

We follow the character of Detective David Richards, a man tormented by the murders uncovered in Green River. With no leads and building frustration and desperation, Richards seeks out help from
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Reason8 beefs up Efm slate, scores deals on thriller 'A Rough Draft' (exclusive)

Reason8 beefs up Efm slate, scores deals on thriller 'A Rough Draft' (exclusive)
London-based agent also picks up Jemaine Clement comedy Humour Me.

London-based sales agent Reason8 has boosted its European Film Market (Efm) slate with two new acquisitions and has also scored its first deals on sci-fi A Rough Draft.

The company has picked up international rights to Sam Hoffman’s Humour Me, a comedy starring Jemaine Clement (Flight Of The Conchords) and Elliot Gould (Ocean’s Eleven) that is currently on release in the Us.

Director Hoffman is the creator of popular web series Old Jews Telling Jokes, which has since been adapted into a TV series.

Reason8 has also picked up children’s fantasy adventure 2:hrs, which is written by Roland Moore and stars 2017 Children’s Bafta winner Alhaji Fofana. The film tells the story of a slacker schoolboy who discovers that he only has two hours left to live. Producers are Andromeda Godfrey and Diana Juhr-De Benedetti.

Separately, Reason8 has also inked multiple deals on its upcoming fantasy thriller A Rough Draft, which it is screening in the market in Berlin. Ahead of the film’s release via Sony/Columbia in Russia on March 15, the film has now sold to German-speaking Europe (Capelight Pictures), Baltics (Acme), Malaysia (Suraya Filem), and Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan (Purple Plan).

Reason8’s Efm slate also includes Gareth Tunley’s The Ghoul, Anton Sigurdsson’s Women and Easter European comedy Dzidzio Contrabass.
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Short Film Review - Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell

Tom Jolliffe reviews the short film Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell...

Here at Flickering Myth we like to do our bit for the UK film and TV industry and frankly those aspiring to do something a little different, and a little outside the box, who need a leg up wherever possible. From aspiring writer-director Christopher Egan comes a potential series of short films based around the central character Jenny Ringo. One short, Jenny Ringo and the Monkey’s Paw has already hit the web. It’s well worth checking out, with the titular character and her lazy, unemployed roommate Gavin getting into all sorts of black magic trouble thanks to a severed monkey paw. It’s a weird, likeable mixture of dark, quirky humour and musical numbers, with the odd animated sequence.

The Cabaret From Hell once again follows a similar formula. A bit of magic leads to a lot of problems.
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