Doctor Who: Knock Knock geeky spots and Easter eggs

Pete Dillon-Trenchard May 6, 2017

Doctor Who series 10 strikes gold with Knock Knock - and there were some interesting references in it, too...

This article contains lots of spoilers for Doctor Who.

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Knock, Knock is a real treat - a spooky, atmospheric tale with an emotional core and some brilliant guest performances. And in a sense it’s a real treat for this writer too, as it’s one of those Doctor Who episodes that’s so fresh and unlike anything the series has done before in its 54-year history (intentionally or otherwise) that this article is significantly shorter than usual; we hope that’s okay. But as ever, if you think you’ve spotted something we’ve missed, please do leave it in the comments below...

Poirot’s Last Case

We’ll start with a reference that wasn’t - in
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‘The Doctors: The Jon Pertwee Years’ DVD Review

When it comes to Doctor Who, the character often wins over the audiences because they are kind-hearted and in many ways, are the saviour (or Doctor) we need. While a lot of focus does get given to the ‘new’ breed of Doctors, for fans of the old school we are spoilt for choice with who is the best. One that is high on my list has to be Jon Pertwee, which is why The Doctors: The Jon Pertwee Years was such a joy to watch.

A collection of interviews, The Doctors: The Jon Pertwee Years features Jon Pertwee himself, Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier), Richard Franklin (Captain Yates), and John Levene (Sergeant Benton). Interviewed by the voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs. Each interview with the stars of Doctor Who is around one hour in length, so you can imagine how interesting the Jon Pertwee one is.
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Doctor Who: geeky spots in The Husbands Of River Song




Spoilers! It's our viewing notes and geeky spots for the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Husbands Of River Song....

It’s Christmas Day and that can only mean one thing - the Doctor Who return of Professor River Song, and the Den of Geek return of the geeky spots. So join us, won’t you, for a festive walk through the callbacks, allusions and generally interesting similarities featured in The Husbands Of River Song. If you spot anything we’ve missed out - we’ve been on the Christmas sherry since 9 o’clock this morning - let us know in the comments!

The References of River Song

As you might expect from the convoluted story of the Doctor and River Song, this episode contains a lot of references to their previous adventures together. Before reading this article, it might be useful to read our article on River Song’s timeline,
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Celebrating TV's evil twins and oddball doubles




Evil goatees, facial ticks and eyepatches… Remember these classic takes on TV’s ‘evil twin’ trope?

Warning: contains spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who series 6, Knightrider, and a 1969 episode of Star Trek.

When it comes to shenanigans and shock value, it’s hard to go past the trope of the evil twin on television. It’s so much fun seeing old-school split-screen on the small screen, where the same actor plays two (or more) parts. It ramps up the fun and fantasy, or delivers a fabulous freak-out moment.

Science fiction feels like the natural habitat of doubles. The audience is already suspending their disbelief, so what’s one more?

Hands-down one of the best uses of twins (or multiples) is from the 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Cylon hybrids were flawless versions of humans who looked, sounded, acted and believed they were just like you and me. It
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Doctor Who thing of the day: the woman who would have been Sarah Jane

I had no idea that Elisabeth Sladen was not the first actress cast to play Sarah Jane Smith alongside Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. Apparently not many people knew at all. From Radio Times: How it could have been: nearly 40 years later, the secret of who was originally cast as Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Smith has been revealed. It was April Walker, best known for myriad guest roles in Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies and Yes, Minister. ... Doctor Who producer Barry Letts cast Walker when Katy Manning left the role of Jo Grant, the Doctor's previous companion, and she worked in rehearsals for The Time Warrior. But allegedly the pairing of Pertwee's Doctor and Walker's Sarah Jane didn't work: she was a tall and more obviously strong character, along the lines of Pertwee's first companion, Liz Shaw (Caroline John). It's believed that Pertwee was unhappy with the decision but it
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Doctor Who And The Electrans

Some comments on my review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special 'A Christmas Carol' got me thinking about how it came to be that everyone's favourite Time Lord can never seem to get any 'action', romantically speaking. It's not been for want of attention or admirers; even back in the William Hartnell days, The Doctor was capable of flirting and even having a matrimonial 'near-miss' in the 1964 Who outing 'The Aztecs', so Matt Smith's Doctor is breaking no new ground in running away from connubial bliss with the 1957 version of Marilyn Monroe in 'A Christmas Carol'.

Can 47 years of sexual tension ever be released without killing the fundamental dynamic of the show? I've come to believe that it probably can't - which, if true, puts the Gallifreyan rogue at least neck-and-neck with Star Trek's Mr. Spock in terms of 'attractive unavailability'.

When the show
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Doctor Who companions: The Ultimate Tournament

During Doctor Who's 47 years, companions have come and gone and have stuck by the good Doctor through thick and thin. We've had all sorts of companions, from plucky journalists through to shifty non-public school boys; leggy swinging 60s dolls through to haughty Time Lady ice-maidens and trusty schoolteachers through to – erm, Adric.

For completism's sake, I'm including all the companions of The Doctor, so that means one-offs too, like Adelaide and Christina – they were described in the BBC press releases as companions, so they're fair game. There'll be the equivalents of bronze, silver and gold for each category, so let the tournament commence!

Best Journey

3. Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury)

But after she's stowed away in the Tardis, Zoe goes from being Spock poster-girl through to a much more warm-hearted and caring companion. She still uses her total recall and whizzkid brain for defeating Cybermen fleets and finding her way through claustrophobic tunnels,
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TV Review: Doctor Who – The Hungry Earth (Spoilers)

Mention Chris Chibnall to a Who fan and the chances are they’ll start ranting about his first Torchwood episode, Cyberwoman, which was frankly, terrible. However to dismiss Chibnall solely on those grounds is hugely unfair. His previous Doctor Who episode, 42, was an exercise in precise and concise story telling, and he wrote some stand out episodes for the second season of Torchwood, including the fun romp that was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the hauntingly sad Adrift.

The Hungry Earth harks back to Classic Who in more ways than one. The Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff, instead of their intended destination, Rio, and decide to investigate a prominent mining operation. There they meet Dr Nasreen Chaudhry (Meera Syal) and her colleague Tony Mack (Robert Pugh) whose pioneering drilling operation has taken a strange turn. Stunned by the ground appearing to fight back,
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Doctor Who: Jo Grant and Russell T Davies reunited with the Doctor

There really must be a crack in time – why else would the Doctor's 1970s assistant be joining Matt Smith for a story penned by Russell T Davis? And is a writer-off brewing?

Viewers of the new series of Doctor Who will be well aware of the crack in time currently wreaking havoc. Actually, schism alert. A crack in time can clearly never be only current: it's all of the past and the future. And nobody is safe – not even the BBC commissioning department. Eras of Who are colliding.

Yesterday the BBC announced its oddest continuity decision since Dirty Den came back to Eastenders. This autumn, when ace kiddie spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures returns to Cbbc, the fragrant Ms Smith will be joined by the woman she replaced in the Doctor's affections – one Jo Grant. Original actress Katy Manning will be accompanied by Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, in a
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