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DVD Review: The Evil Inside (aka Dead Inside)

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The Evil Inside (aka Dead Inside)

Stars: Hannah Ward, Matthew Mercer, Rayne Bidder, James Adam Lim, Jennifer Zhang, Tara Strand, Sage Howard, Shanda Lee Munson, Jimbo Barnett | Written by Jennifer Zhang | Directed by Pearry Teo

It’s been three years since I first discovered the work of Pearry Teo. Back in the early days of this very site I was sent a horror film to review called Necromentia and immediately fell in love with the Hellraiser-esque nightmare – so much so that at the time I approached Teo for an interview (which he duly gave) and named it in my Top 10 of the year. Since then I have eagerly awaited news on each and every one of his films… From Witchville to Dead Inside, possible sequels to Gene Generation and Necromentia and his current project, the epic-sounding The Return of Captain Nemo.

So imagine my surprise when I was asked if
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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with the latest installment of our Indie Spotlight. Today’s feature includes a write-up and interview from Kristian Hanson’s visit to the Dead Inside premiere:

Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark Announced: The Asylum officially announced the third film in their Mega Shark series:

“The Asylum has officially greenlit production on Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark, a much anticipated third installment in the ‘Mega Shark’ franchise, following Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus in 2009 and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus in 2010. When Mega Shark returns in this all-new feature film, the government releases the top-secret Mecha Shark to defeat the franchise’s popular monster in a fierce battle that threatens the planet.

‘The fan response to the Mega Shark franchise has been rabid,’ said The Asylum partner Paul Bales. ‘In addition to a very persuasive online petition, we found that Mega Shark has taken on a life of her own.
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Google Engineers Collaborate to Produce Pearry Teo's Dead Inside

Yes, our lives revolve around Google. It's gone from Yahoo!'s chumpy little brother, to the biggest website in the world. It's so big that Google somehow went from a noun to a verb! The people behind this kind of success have got to have their heads on straight. Let's hope the eight Google engineers who joined forces to produce the upcoming horror film Dead Inside were some of the good Google workers, not the ones who just hang around by the candy machine and try to say something that sounds smart.

Written by Jennifer Zhang and directed by Pearry Teo, Dead Inside is a creepy film set at a party where bad things begin to happen after one character has a premonition of another's death. Zhang is also featured in the film along with stars Lala Hensley, Matthew Mercer, Rayne Bidder, James Adam Lim, Tara Strand and Sage Howard.
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