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The Boston Globe (US) December 16 2014, pg. 1, by: Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein, "Former Globe Reporter Back with New TV Show"
The New York Times (US) December 16 2014, pg. 1, by: Neil Genzlinger, "Old Pieces With A Past"
Improper Bostonian (US) February 27 2013, by: Jonathan Soroff, "The Travel Channel host speaks out on fruitcake catapults, monster trucks and skiing with Norse gods."
GQ.com (US) February 11 2013, by: Scott Christian, "The News Show That Is "Charles Kuralt Meets Jackass""
Boston Magazine (US) January 18 2013, by: Eric Randall, "Geoff Edgers On Fried Calf Testicles: 'Tastes Like Chicken' ... Sort of."
The News & Observer (US) January 18 2013, by: Brooke Cain, "Q & A with Travel Channel's Geoff Edgers"
Boston Globe (US) January 12 2013, by: Geoff Edgers, "How I went from newspaper reporter to host of a TV show"
Los Angeles Times (US) December 23 2012, by: T.L. Stanley, "'Edge of America,' 'Diggers': Finding 'real America' in TV land"

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