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Interview with Iman Zawahry: This Is an American Story, Period

Interview with Iman Zawahry: This Is an American Story, Period
Iman Zawahry brings back the feel-good romcom to theaters with “Americanish,” a Pakistani American tale of four lovelorn women in New York City. Khala (Lillete Dubey) is a single mother eager to marry off her two daughters and niece, Sam (Aizzah Fatima), Maryam (Salena Qureshi), and Ameera (Shenaz Treasury). Only there’s one problem – or, well, two, or actually kind of three: finding love is a lot harder than it seems.

For the Asian American International Film Festival, we had the opportunity to talk to Zawahry over Zoom. Zawahry is animated and clearly excited; we’re lucky, really, to catch her on the day before her NYC in-person premiere. Over the next half-hour, we bounce around the representation and romance, talking through the what it means to be a Muslim American woman filmmaker today.

This interview has been edited and redacted for clarity.

I’ve read that you and Aizzah Fatima co-wrote “Americanish.
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Film Review: Americanish (2021) by Iman Zawahry

Film Review: Americanish (2021) by Iman Zawahry
Iman Zawahry presented her first feature at this year’s CAAMFest. Her intercultural comedy “Americanish” with a nearly all-female cast is fresh and funny. The director has won several awards for her shorts “Tough Crowd” (2008) and “Undercover” (2010). Zawahry is one of the first American-Muslim filmmakers who wears a hijabi. In “Americanish” she gives an insight into the muslim community in the US,she belongs to.

Sam and Maryam are sisters, both very ambitious. Sam works for a public relations company and is about to get a promotion as team leader. Maryam is studying to get into med school. Even though her mother is proud of them, she still holds on some traditional values. In Pakistan, family is the most important thing a woman has to achieve. Therefore, she wants her daughters to get married as soon as possible. Even though Maryam and Sam don’t reject their origins, they have
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Brooklyn Children’s Theatre To Showcase 2 New Musicals About Being Muslim in America During Ramadan

Two new Muslim Voices musicals created by the Brooklyn Children’s Theatre will premiere during the month of Ramadan. Together, they will tell stories of what it means to be American and celebrate the recognition of Eid as a public school holiday. These musicals allow non-Muslim and Muslim children alike to experience the culture and everyday experiences of their classmates and neighbors, to learn about the local New York City history, and develop confidence in their own voices and identities. The world premiere of two new musicals that bring Muslim and non-Muslim audiences together around a celebration of diversity and representation.

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre (Bct) is an after school musical theatre program serving over 1000 children in Brooklyn. Professional writers and composers create mini-musicals specifically for Bct’s students to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow as an artist and a person. We believe that theatre should be for Every child,
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World Premiere Of Two Muslim Musicals Presented By Brooklyn Children’S Theatre, December 9, 2016

The Brooklyn Children’s Theatre (Bct) is an after school musical theatre program serving over 1000 children in Brooklyn, New York. Bct was commissioned by the Doris Duke Foundation of Islamic Art to create four original musicals with Muslim protagonists for children to perform in. Two of these musicals will be premiering on December 9, 2016.

Fast Friends is about children fasting for the first time during Ramadan. Fast Friends was written by Amy White Graves and Steve Saari, with contributions from Aizzah Fatima.

Sailimai And The Four Riddles was written by By Scott Evan Davis, Kareem Fahmy, Aizzah Fatima & Chris Heller & the Summer 2016 Muslim Voices Playwriting class. Sailimai And The Four Riddles is based on an Islamic Chinese folk tale: Sailimai must look to her Muslim values to solve a riddle and save her father.

Amy White Graves, Executive Director of Bct states “When we started this project in the summer of
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Nyiff 2014: Opening Night Gala Red Carpet Moments

Nagesh Kukunoor and Anurag Kashyap aren’t showing their films for the first time at the New York Indian Film Festival. But many young filmmakers are. Take a look at the opening night gala of the fourteenth edition of the festival as it kickstarts the weeklong celebration of the best of art house cinema from India. It opened on Monday, May 5 with the screening of Kashyap’s hard-hitting new film Ugly. Shelly Walia brings you the latest news and interviews from the red carpet at New York’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

Festival director Aseem Chhabra smiles, but shies away from looking into the camera. Earlier in the day, he tweeted, “Are you guys ready for the… six-day movie tamasha?”

Aroon Shivdasani, executive director of Indo-American Arts Council, said the festival is an opportunity to screen films that tell a story about, say, real India. “Those films deserve to be watched.
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Masala! Mehndi! Masti!.s all encompassing activities!

Going beyond movies and music, Masala! Mehndi! Masti! (Spice! Henna! Fun!) will offer theatre, comedy, art, photography, cooking demos, serious talks on HIV and plenty of workshops at The Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queen.s Quay West, Toronto from Aug 19-21.For theatre, M!M!M! will stage two plays along totally different themes. The first one, in honour of Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore.s 150th birthday, is Sacrifice (Visarjan), considered to be his finest drama. The other one is .Dirty Pakistani Lingerie., an adult play by Aizzah Fatima about 6 American Pakistani females struggling to find their place at the chaotic juncture of two extremely different cultures. .Komic Sutra., an hour of no-holds barred adult comedy by Nitin Mirani and Crystal Ferrier, will test the limits of your humour. Come prepared!For its literature component, 3 non-Indians, Mariellen Ward, Sylvia Fraser and Katherine Matthews will relate their love for India, its culture,
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NYC Readers' Choice: Classes and Coaches

Here are the 2010 New York Reader's Choice results for categories dealing with classes and coaches. To look at all of the categories, be sure to visit the main page. Favorite Vocal/Singing Coach: Jackie Presti "Singing is a big coordination act, and I think a lot of people come in focusing on one aspect," says voice therapist and teacher Jackie Presti. "It's sort of like juggling and riding a bike and reciting Shakespeare at the same time."Clearly, Presti, who's also a singer, musician, and conductor, hits the right notes with her students. Her knowledge of both technical and artistic matters, not to mention her versatility and flexibility as a teacher, appealed to Valerie Ryan Miller, who has studied with her for three years. "After developing a strong belt, and a lot of vocal tension," Miller says, "I came to Jackie, who has expanded my range enormously—we are talking octaves!
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