BBC America Sets Premiere Of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Chef Race: U.K. Vs. U.S.’

If you thought this was all settled back in 1776, you were wrong. BBC America announced today that Chef Race: U.K. Vs. U.S. will kick off on October 2 with back-to-back episodes starting at 9 Pm Edt. The Jamie Oliver-produced series will have a preview September 29 at 10 Pm Edt just after the Dr. Who mid-season finale. Chef Race pits 8 Brits against 8 American in both their cooking and business skills in a contest spanning L.A. to New York. The winner gets $100,000. The series will air in its regular 10 Pm time slot starting October 9. MasterChef‘s Richard Corrigan will serve as the show’s mentor and judge, while Food Network’s Claire Robinson will host. The unscripted series is being produced by Oliver’s Fresh One Prods. The chef is executive producing with The Amazing Race‘s Amy Chacon, Undercover BossStef Wagstaffe, Roy Ackerman, Sebastian Grant and Jo Ralling.
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Jamie Oliver To Produce New BBC America Series ‘Chef Race: UK Vs. U.S.’

The newly greenlighted Chef Race: UK Vs. U.S. follows 16 chefs — eight British and eight Americans — who race from Los Angeles to New York for a $100,000 prize. The contestants have no money and minimal resources, so they must use their resourcefulness, ingenuity, leadership and finesse along with their cooking skills to win. MasterChef‘s Richard Corrigan will serve as mentor and judge and Food Network’s Claire Robinson will host. The unscripted series is being produced by UK chef Jamie Oliver (ABC’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) and his Fresh One Prods and is set to premiere in the fall. Oliver is executive producing with The Amazing Race‘s Amy Chacon, Undercover BossStef Wagstaffe, Roy Ackerman, Sebastian Grant and Jo Ralling.
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Win A Meeting With Claire Robinson

If you have always fancied yourself a genius in the kitchen, you just might get to meet Claire Robinson, Host of Food Network's 5 Ingredient Fix!

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss and Claire Robinson have partnered, to create a fun contest for all of us; Submit an original recipe featuring one of the 4 Natural Bliss flavors, and it might appear in a cookbook, or you even may win a chance to meet Claire and film a cooking segment in New York City! Wowza!

Here is how to enter:

Visit the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Facebook page between May 23 – June 25, follow the step by step instructions to enter, and you could be on your way to stardom.
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Salt and Other Cooking Tips from Celebrity Chefs

  • Foodista
YumSugarTV interviewed different celebrity chefs for the best cooking tips.

1. “Make sure you add the salt…be creative as we possibly could with the recipes that we have. People love creativity and color.” – Giada de Laurentiis

2. “Seasoning is huge…don’t be afraid of salt. Add a little vinegar, add a little lime juice, add a little lemon juice, and suddenly it will bring everything to life…” – Aarti Sequeira

3. “Just go up and down with the peeler on the vegetable, and then you peel twice as fast.” – Aida Mollenkamp

4. “Listen to your customer and focus on the food and make sure that cooking is the most important thing to you.” – Michael Voltaggio

5. “Try not to cook with extra virgin olive oil, it’s too expensive. And you cook out that extra virgin flavor so finish with it.” – Claire Robinson

6. “Baking is a process. It doesn’t appeal to everybody. It takes time,
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'No Ordinary Family,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Shameless,' more: Zap2it's must-watch TV this week

Happy last day of February, Zappers!

Once again, the Zap2it team is asking ourselves what we'd watch this week if we could only choose one show.

Our must-watch list includes several reunions that may reveal some long-held secrets, such as on "Gossip Girl" and "Shameless." Plus, we have some old friends with mysterious intentions on "No Ordinary Family."

Here's Zap2it's must-watch TV this week:

Monday, Feb. 28

'Gossip Girl' (The CW) 8 p.m. Et

Leave it to "Gg" to have us totally invested in our favorite Upper East Siders again after four seasons. "Empire of the Son," the show's last episode before a six-week break, will end in a major cliffhanger for one of the show's most fun (and debated) storylines ever: The burgeoning friendship (or possibly more?) between Dan and Blair. Here's hoping the two can sneak in an epic first kiss before the return of Prince Louis.
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Exclusive Interview: Claire Robinson (5 Ingredient Fix)

  • PopStar
Growing up in the south, food was always a passion for the University of Memphis communications graduate. After pursuing some different career options, Robinson decided moved to New York City and follow her lifelong culinary passion. She enrolled in the esteemed French Culinary Institute and graduated in 2005. Upon graduation, Robinson quickly began as a personal chef and worked on several production teams for several cooking series, including Food Network’s Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello and PBS’s Everyday Baking for Everyday Food. In April 2010, the sparkly and uber talented chef got her own show, 5 Ingredient Fix (TV), on the Food Network. While promoting Eggland’s Best Eggs, PopStar spoke with Robinson who was eager to give us cooking tips, share some mouth watering recipes and talk about what the must-haves are for every pantry. She also shared with us her famous Zucchini Goat Cheese Frittata recipe that will surely
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Party Favors: Leggo My LEGOs

  • Quick Stop
Carlsbad - LEGOs…those colorful blocks that snap together so easily. Many view them as a childhood toy, but they’re serious fun among collectors and adult builders. They can vacation at the American LEGOland. They can get those rare pieces at Lego stores across the country in malls. Lego video games featuring Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones are all the rage. Keeping up with what’s happening in Lego is about as foreboding a task as your mother keeping up with your LEGOs.

Joe Meno organizes the Lego universe through BrickJournal magazine. The periodical announces upcoming products, events and how-to articles by top buildings. It’s a coffeetable magazine featuring all the Lego pieces your kids lost under the sofa. The pages are addictive even for someone mildly interested in Lego with illustrations that show how the plastic building blocks can snap into amazing works of art. For
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