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Former Walking Dead Star Reveals Which Marvel Superhero He’d Like To Play

Not for the first time, former Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs has expressed his love of Spider-Man, before admitting that he’d like to have a crack at the Marvel hero in the not-so-distant future.

During a recent Q&A session at Nashville’s Walker Stalker Con, the young actor told those in attendance that he’s always held a soft spot for Stan Lee’s world-famous Web-Head, even if he fully admits that Tom Holland is absolutely nailing the job – something that Lee himself echoed over the weekend.

And so, when asked straight-up about which Marvel superhero he’d like to play, Riggs immediately jumped to Spider-Man, though the fact that said role is currently occupied means the actor would need to put a little more thought into the question before he really considered donning a cape for one of Hollywood’s biggest studios.

I thought Spider-Man would be pretty cool,
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11 TV Cast Upheavals, From Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’ to Clayne Crawford in ‘Lethal Weapon’ (Photos)

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11 TV Cast Upheavals, From Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’ to Clayne Crawford in ‘Lethal Weapon’ (Photos)
Lethal Weapon

Actor Seann William Scott took over the role of Martin Riggs for the show’s third season, which got the green light on Sunday from Fox. A representative from Warner Bros. Television said the studio “decided not to renew Clayne Crawford’s contract for ‘Lethal Weapon'” after reports of bad behavior on set, described as “complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment.”

Crawford apologized last month and wished the “Lethal Weapon” team luck on their third season without him. “To my cast and crew – Congratulations on season 3!” Crawford wrote. “To the Fans – Thank you for the overwhelming support and love. Riggs was a dream role and the experience will live with me forever. My heart is full. Good Luck nxt season!!” he said on Instagram over the weekend.

“I take great pride in treating everyone in life with dignity and kindness,” the 40-year-old actor said in April.
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‘The Walking Dead’ episodes ranked worst to best after Season 8 finale: Danai Gurira was bright spot in tumultuous season

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‘The Walking Dead’ episodes ranked worst to best after Season 8 finale: Danai Gurira was bright spot in tumultuous season
Season 8 of “The Walking Dead” took an emotional toll on fans, from the death of Carl (Chandler Riggs) to the never-ending battle between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). But one thing fans can all agree on is that Danai Gurira was one of the rare bright spots in the tumultuous eighth season. Following the finale, “Wrath,” we have updated our photo gallery above that ranks every episode of AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama from worst to best, according to their IMDb score. Can You guess what episode from Season 8 was voted the best?

See ‘The Walking Dead’ creator on how show’s timeline connects with ‘Fear Twd’ crossover: Answers are ‘vaguely’ coming

The Walking Dead” has always been a ratings success for AMC. However, in its first seven seasons the show has yet to score an acting Emmy Award. But its fortune might be about to change as Gurira,
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The Walking Dead Promotes Two Actors to Series Regulars Ahead of Season 9

The Walking Dead Promotes Two Actors to Series Regulars Ahead of Season 9
Since Season 8 of The Walking Dead not only killed off Chandler Riggs’ Carl and Steven Ogg’s Simon but banished Austin Amelio’s Dwight and sent Lennie James’ Morgan over to spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, there’s room for some fresh blood to be pumped into the core cast. So ahead of Season 9, the AMC drama has promoted to series-regular status Avi Nash and Callan McAuliffe, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Nash plays Siddiq, the medical resident that Carl was escorting back to Alexandria when he was bitten by a walker. (Heaven knows the Ahk alliance needed a new doctor,
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'Walking Dead' Promotes Pair to Series Regulars for Season 9 (Exclusive)

AMC's The Walking Dead has begun its annual process of refilling its series regular ranks.

Avi Nash and Callan McAuliffe, who both arrived in season eight as Siddiq and Alden, respectively, have been upgraded from recurring to series regulars for the upcoming ninth season of the zombie drama.

Nash's Siddiq first appeared in the season eight premiere when he crossed paths with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl (Chandler Riggs). After Rick drives him away, Carl later crosses paths with Siddiq and helps him kill a few walkers — but is bitten in the process. Carl effectively died saving Siddiq's life as...
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Emmys 2018 exclusive: AMC and Sundance categories for ‘McMafia,’ ‘The Terror,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ and more

In a Gold Derby exclusive, we have learned the category placements of the key Emmy Awards contenders for AMC and Sundance. While AMC does not have perennial favorite “Better Call Saul” eligible for this cycle, they do have new drama contender “McMafia” (starring James Norton), returning drama “The Walking Dead” (Andrew Lincoln) and limited series “The Terror” (Jared Harris). Sundance has limited series “Top of the Lake: China Girl” among their 2018 contenders.

See‘The Walking Dead’ creator on how show’s timeline connects with ‘Fear Twd’ crossover: Answers are ‘vaguely’ coming

Below, the list of AMC and Sundance lead, supporting and guest submissions for their comedy, drama and limited series plus unscripted programs. More names might be added by the network before final Emmy paperwork deadlines. Also note that performers not included on this list may well be submitted by their personal reps.

“Cold-blooded: The Clutter Family Murders”

Documentary Special
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Lauren Cohan Will Return For The Walking Dead Season 9, Despite Filming a New Show on ABC

The Walking Dead is notorious for killing off beloved characters when your heart least expects it. Case in point: the recent Winter season finale, which revealed Carl (Chandler Riggs) received a nasty bite and later met his doom when the show returned in February. As if that fatal blow wasn't enough for us (not to mention that wild season finale), rumors about another tear-inducing death in season nine had us worried.

On Feb. 20, Deadline reported that Lauren Cohan has officially signed on to star in the pilot of ABC's new dramedy, Whiskey Cavalier, alongside Scandal's Scott Foley. Cohan will play Francesca "Frankie" Trowbridge, described by the outlet as "a hotshot CIA operative" who teams up with Foley's character, also a CIA operative, after she's assigned to kill a target that he is tasked with protecting.

This comes after several reports that the actress, who has portrayed Maggie Greene
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Andrew Lincoln Teases How Long He’ll Play Rick For On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 8 marked the end of an era for the hit AMC zombie drama in many ways. Within the show itself, it saw the threat of Negan and the Saviors finally dealt with after three seasons, while behind the scenes, it also served as the last episode overseen by showrunner Scott Gimple, who’s handing the baton over to new head writer Angela Kang for season 9.

Someone who’s very excited for the future of the series is Twd star Andrew Lincoln. The actor has worked with several showrunners over the years, but it’s clear that he’s happy that things are changing once again as he told that Kang’s tenure will give The Walking Dead a renewed energy. He also teased that the next season may link back to the pilot episode in some form.

“I’m very excited about Angela [Kang]’s tenure.
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‘The Walking Dead 8×16: Wrath’ Review

With this week’s episode of The Walking Dead said to be a finale of the previous 8 seasons, expectations were that something big was going to happen. What we were given may have provided this, but also highlighted some issues with the series going forward, but was it a satisfactory finale?

With Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies getting ready for the finale stand against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviours, they are unaware they are walking into a trap. Will Negan win out, or are the odds finally against him?

In this season there have been many storylines that have tested the audience’s connection to certain characters. With Rick acting just as bad as Negan, and Negan almost showing himself to be morally above Rick, just who should win? The answer of course lies in Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) wishes.

I’ll admit that I’m not
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‘Walking Dead’ Finale: Rick Failed Carl, and Doesn’t Deserve the Moral High Ground (Commentary)

‘Walking Dead’ Finale: Rick Failed Carl, and Doesn’t Deserve the Moral High Ground (Commentary)
(Spoilers ahead for the season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead”)

There was a moment there, at the final throwdown between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln), that I thought Rick had actually killed Negan.

I was hardly alone in thinking that. Rick finally got Negan to let his guard down by talking about Carl (Chandler Riggs), and then he slashed Negan’s throat with a piece of glass. Negan was lying there on the grass bleeding out for like a minute as Rick turned away from him to talk to his people.

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I don’t have any idea how I’m supposed to interpret “Rick takes a piece of glass and cuts Negan’s throat with it” as anything other than a murder attempt. That a minute later he had somebody patch him up doesn’t change that.

And, like, that’s fine. If the folks behind “The Walking Dead” wanna conclude this story by having Rick murder Negan or try and fail to murder Negan then that’s up to them — it may not be overly satisfying from a narrative perspective after 8 episodes of people crying about Carl the Pacifist, but it would probably be a sincere thing. But that’s not what happened. The show, judging by the incredibly self-righteous speech Rick immediately turns around and gives indicates that how I interpreted this sequence — as a murder attempt — was not what they were going for. That Rick slashing Negan’s neck with a piece of glass was somehow Rick intentionally making a disabling move rather than a lethal one.

But I don’t buy it for one second. The language of movies and TV says if you cut somebody’s throat like that they’re going to die and you were trying to kill them. The exception would be if the character doing the slashing has demonstrated such skill with a blade that they could intentionally slice somebody’s neck wide open without killing them — a skill Rick has certainly never demonstrated.

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So Rick tries to murder Negan, and then he turns around and recites Carl’s ideology of peace to everybody like he hadn’t just specifically done what Carl asked him not to.

“What happened, what we did, what we lost, there’s gotta be something after. The ones who have ‘em up, put your hands down. We’re all gonna go home now. Negan’s alive. But his way of doing things is over. And anyone who can’t live with that will pay the price, I promise you that. And any person here who would live in peace and fairness, who would find common ground, this world is yours, by right. We are life. That’s death!” Rick said, referring to a crowd of zombies down the hill. “And it’s coming for us, unless we stand together! So go home. Then the work begins. The new world begins. All this… all this is just what was. There’s gotta be something after.”

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There’s no remorse from Rick there that he almost screwed the whole thing up by murdering Negan 30 seconds earlier. Rick doesn’t acknowledge that he didn’t spare Negan; he just got lucky that he didn’t open up his throat so badly that their primitive medical knowledge wouldn’t be able to save him. After a season of bloodlust in which Rick continually demonstrated an unwillingness to even try to make peace with Negan — remember, it was Michonne (Danai Gurira) who pitched Negan on peace by reading Carl’s letter to him last week — he still didn’t until after the war was over, after Negan lay on the ground bleeding to death because Rick tried to murder him in the moment of truth, actually try to embrace Carl’s rhetoric.

That’s not earned. Rick was a moral failure this whole season, right to the very end. And when that end came, Rick got back up on his high horse and tried to pretend otherwise with yet another of his sanctimonious speeches.

Rick didn’t earn it this time, though, and it drives me absolutely crazy that the show would try to claim otherwise.

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Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Hint at Future Villains, the Whisperers?

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Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Just Hint at Future Villains, the Whisperers?
(Note: This post contains spoilers for the Season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead.”)

The Walking Dead” finally produced the showdown fans have been waiting for between Rick and Negan, bringing an end to the “All-Out War” story.

The final battle between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) saw Rick finally coming out victorious and deposing the Saviors. Although Rick and Negan didn’t kill each other, it does mean that going into Season 9 there’s no clear villain for Rick and his crew to fight against.

Also Read: 'The Walking Dead' Finale: What Exactly Was Negan's Plan to Trap Rick?

The finale did hint at potential conflict brewing between Rick and his people — specifically, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan). But it might also have suggested a new group of baddies that appeared in the comics and, up to now, haven’t shown up in the show.

That faction of bad guys is known as the Whisperers. They’re unique among the villainous factions in “The Walking Dead” comics. Rather than living in walled colonies or outposts like Alexandria or the Sanctuary, the Whisperers have adapted to life among the walkers. They disguise themselves as the dead and live among the herd, using them as an army and as protection. They’re called “the Whisperers” because they never speak louder than a whisper so as to stay hidden among the zombies.

The Season 8 finale might have suggested that the Whisperers are near. Before the final battle with Negan, Rick and his crew of fighters spotted a massive herd of walkers — bigger than anything they’d ever seen before. Rick remarked that things were changing in their world. He’d be right if that herd was actually the home to a brutal group of new enemies, hidden among the dead.

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There’s another potential hint about the Whisperers hidden in the episode, as well. As Rick and his team head to the battle, they pass a series of fence posts. While these might just be the remnant of an old fence, they may also be a marker placed by the Whisperers. In the comics, the Whisperers use posts and pikes to mark their territory against intruders. It’s possible Rick just stumbled onto their border.

The Whisperers wear the skins and faces of the dead in order to blend in, and they’re pretty brutal in general. When they encounter the Alexandrians in the comics, the Whisperers cut off a few heads and plant them on pikes to warn Rick and his people to stay out of their territory. Eventually, there’s a huge war between Rick and his people and the Whisperers.

It seemed like the TV version of “The Walking Dead” meant to skip the Whisperers entirely, though. For one thing, a big part of the Whisperers story in the comics is Carl (Chandler Riggs), who isn’t dead in the comics but is on the TV show. In the comics, Carl strikes up a relationship with Lydia, the daughter of Whisperers leader Alpha. Without Carl, the Whisperers story would have to change significantly.

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There’s also that helicopter that kept showing up in Season 8, and Georgie (Jayne Atkinson), who offered to give knowledge to the Hilltop in exchange for music and other amenities. Those elements seem to hint at another faction from the comics: the Commonwealth, a settlement Rick’s people discover only after their war with the Whisperers.

So it’s a bit of a toss-up where the show is headed next, especially with Maggie and Daryl hinting they might try to overthrow Rick, something that’s not in the comics. But with Negan still alive (something that does happen in the comics), it’s possible the show is still setting up the Whisperers. Negan has a big role to play in the war, and it forces him and Rick to grudgingly work together. That would make sense for a future arc for the fan-loved, and fan-hated, bad guy of Season 8.

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7 Questions We Hope Will Be Answered in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Finale

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7 Questions We Hope Will Be Answered in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Finale
Here we are, at the end of another season of “The Walking Dead,” and we’ve got more unknowns up in the air since, well, maybe ever in this series’ history. And it’s not hard to see why, if you’re the sort of person who compares the show to the comic books on which they’re based — “The Walking Dead” is in uncharted territory all the way around right now, an unprecedented situation and one that’s caught us off guard considering the show isn’t really close to catching up to the books.

Given the cavalcade of unknowns that we face as we head into another season finale on Sunday, we thought we should organize our thoughts a bit and make a list of the things we hope get dealt with this weekend. This is not a list of demands — we certainly don’t expect all of these things to be explored in the single episode we have left this year. But we can dream. Anyway, here’s what we’ve got.

Can Carl’s peace actually happen?

The April 8 episode of “The Walking Dead” has a pair of scenes bookending it that are likely very important to the future. It starts with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) reading the letter his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) wrote him before dying, in which Carl implores Rick to find a way to seek peace with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Carl was of the mindset before he died that eventually, the war would end, and it was imperative to the future that Rick and the others find a way to move forward; otherwise, the result would be perpetual conflict, a horrible life in an already horrible world. Rick has been resistant to the idea, even murdering the escaped Savior prisoners last week after lying that he would bring them back to the Hilltop. But the scene with Carl’s letter suggests he might be coming around. Meanwhile, the episode ends with Negan receiving Carl’s letter by way of Michonne (Danai Gurira) — and hardening against Carl’s pleas, instead planning to kill everyone on Rick’s side.

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The influence of Carl’s ideas and death on Season 8 have been slowly building, but Negan’s answer after finding out Simon (Steven Ogg) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) betrayed him suggests peace might be impossible for now. We saw Carl’s vision of a possible future earlier in the season, it seemed like Carl’s ideas might have been the legitimate way for the “All-Out War” story to resolve itself (as well as for Negan to survive it). We’ll need to know if the loss of Carl really is enough to change the people he left behind, and what his death will amount to for the show going forward beyond Season 8. Right now, it seems like the conflict with Negan might persist, despite Carl’s best efforts.

Is Eugene planning something?

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) may be very key to that peace being possible. While it feels right now that another bloody battle is inevitable, which would make it pretty dang hard to convince the survivors to get along afterward, Eugene is a wild card. He’s in charge of making the bullets the Saviors need to make their last push, and it could very well be that he will prevent the final battle from even happening by giving them a bunch of defective bullets. Could Eugene actually be the true Savior of season 8?

What do Morgan’s hallucinations mean?

Morgan (Lennie James) has battled mental illness for several seasons now, often seeing things that weren’t there. He achieved some measure of peace in dealing with his visions, thanks to training in Aikido with Eastman, a man he met in the post-apocalypse. But since Morgan has fallen back into killing people and dealing with the tragedies of “The Walking Dead,” he’s started to see things again — specifically, as relates to the death of Benjamin, the young man from the Kingdom Morgan taught to fight with a stick like he does.

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The visions have been tormenting Morgan by telling him he was “supposed to” do something and “you know what it is,” but we only have tidbits of information about what’s haunting him. We know the death of Morgan’s son was compounded by the loss of Benjamin, and that he took it hard when Benjamin younger brother Henry killed the Savior lieutenant Gavin for revenge. There seems to be some additional piece of the puzzle waiting to be revealed to teach us something more about Morgan’s mindset and psyche. We know he’s going on to “Fear the Walking Dead” at the end of this season, so it’s probable his current arc will be concluded before that happens.

What will Oceanside joining the war mean?

Time spent with Aaron (Ross Marquand) near Oceanside in this week’s episode, in which he again tries to convince the community to join the war against the Saviors, suggests eventually the group will get involved in some way. Rick and the people in the Hilltop have few potential allies left, though, and with Negan attempting to draw them into a trap, the Saviors could easily have the upper hand before long.

So Oceanside is going to matter in the upcoming conflict, but its people have a pretty negative history with both the Saviors and Rick’s people. Much of the current war is about the inability to forgive and the way seeking revenge continues to escalate until it becomes all-consuming. When Oceanside shows up, given what we’ve seen of Season 8’s themes so far, it’s going to be interesting to see how the community fits into the story, and how the choices its people make relate to the conflict between Rick and Negan.

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What’s Georgie’s deal, and where is she from?

This is pretty tangential to the war, so I don’t necessarily expect it to be dealt with this year. But “The Walking Dead” has been known to sometimes end seasons with a cliffhanger, and I would expect at least some kind of tease as to what the future of the series looks like. But whether that tease will include any hints about Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) is anyone’s guess.

What’s going on with Jadis and that helicopter?

Likewise, Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the helicopter are a bit of a tangential thread given the main story stuff that absolutely must be dealt with next week. But at the same time it’s clear that that helicopter is going to be extremely important at some point, and could very well be a part of a forward-looking tease at the end of the season. Though I would not be particularly surprised with the last scene was the helicopter landing outside the hilltop, and then a cut to black before we find anything out about it.

Will “The Walking Dead” skip the Whisperer War?

There’s been a lot of speculation over the past few months about whether the show will skip over the next big storyline from the comics, in which a bunch of creepy folks who worship zombies wage a war against our heroes. Given the show’s ratings slide the last couple seasons, it’s been a common thought that AMC might want to change things up instead of bogging down Rick and co. in another depressing war that lasts for multiple seasons.

This season has given us some evidence that they’re going to do exactly that. There’s the helicopter that’s shown up a couple times, and also a mysterious woman named Georgie who looks an awful lot like a certain major comics character who doesn’t show up until after the Whisperer War. So what’s the deal? Will the season 8 finale give us any clues about what’s next?

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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4 Is ‘Absolutely Something That New Fans Can Jump Right Into’

  • The Wrap
‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4 Is ‘Absolutely Something That New Fans Can Jump Right Into’
If you’ve skipped the first three seasons of “Fear the Walking Dead,” now is the perfect time to jump into the “Walking Dead” spinoff.

Season 4’s premiere on Sunday marks the anticipated crossover between the two shows, and executive producer and “Dead” universe chief content officer Scott Gimple told TheWrap that there’s no need to catch up with the series’ previous seasons to enjoy Season 4.

“This is absolutely something that new fans can jump right into, just as Morgan has to jump right into the story of ‘Fear the Walking Dead,'” Gimple told TheWrap ahead of the Season 4 premiere. “Morgan did not have to watch the first three seasons to understand what is happening… to follow what’s going on in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 4, you do not have to have watched the first three seasons.”

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Morgan (Lennie James) is one of the few characters left from Season 1 of “The Walking Dead,” and if not for him, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wouldn’t be alive.

“In many ways, Morgan leads both the original audience, and perhaps newer audiences, to ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ because in some ways the show is seen through his eyes,” he continued, adding that viewers don’t necessarily need a ton of backstory to get sucked in — we’re learning everything we need to know right along with Morgan. “Just as we didn’t have to follow Rick Grimes’ police career before we watched ‘The Walking Dead’ or we didn’t have to see the beginning of Negan to follow him,” Gimple said.

In addition to Morgan crossing over from the original “Walking Dead” series, the new season of “Fear” will have some more new faces, played by Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace and Jenna Elfman respectively.

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“We have some amazing people that we’re able to get to play these really cool, interesting, unusual characters. It’s been really something to see this cast gel,” the “Dead”-verse boss continued. “The OGs from ‘Fear,’ and then Lennie — who is the OGest of the OGs — and then these new folks.”

If you haven’t watched “Fear” because you think it’s just an additional hour of “Twd” with different characters, prepare to be proven wrong. Gimple said that the differences between the shows will only be more pronounced now that “Fear” is gaining a “Twd” character.

“To see that group come together, it’s been very exciting,” he added. “And I do think that as we go on, the differences, the contrasts of the two shows are only going to heighten while they both share this universe. And the shows do different things and sort of — I hope — compliment each other.”

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Of course, if fans watch Season 4 and are hooked on the “Fear” universe, Gimple encourages viewers to go right ahead and watch the first three seasons “if they want to see some great TV.”

“Maybe they’ll be excited to watch those three seasons, but it is not required viewing to understand what’s happening,” he said.

Fear the Walking Dead” Season 4 premieres on AMC Sunday, April 15, after the Season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead.”

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‘The Walking Dead 8×15: Worth’ Review

Now that we have reached the penultimate episode The Walking Dead season 78 it is time to thin out the herd of characters. The question is, who will be left to fight the war that will inevitably end the season?

With Simon (Steven Ogg) unaware that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has returned, Dwight (Austin Amello) finds he has to work both sides against each other. When Negan reveals his plans to Dwight of how he will handle the Hilltop, can he get the plans to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) on time?

This episode starts with Rick finally reading his letter, and seemingly finding peace with himself. Looking at the fact he has become somewhat of a monster himself, it is hard to just forget what he is capable of, and just see Negan as the big bad guy of the season.

When it comes to Negan though, he moves intelligently to rid
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Carl Grimes Returns Via Flashback In The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

Carl Grimes will feature in The Walking Dead season 8 finale…kind of.

As the dust begins to settle from last night’s penultimate episode, AMC has dropped another sneak peek of Sunday’s finale, “Wrath,” and it features a very familiar face.

First spotted by, this nostalgic image appears to reveal a flashback to simpler times, long before half of the world’s population was reduced to a horde of rabid, flesh-munching zombies. Not only that, but it shows the fresh-faced Rick Grimes walking alongside his only son Carl, who so tragically bit the bullet when The Walking Dead season 8 returned from its winter hiatus back in February.

That tells us The Walking Dead‘s impending finale includes a little time capsule of Rick and Carl set before the apocalypse, though the question remains: did Chandler Riggs shoot additional scenes prior to his departure? Or is this flashback to a younger Carl,
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'Walking Dead': Here's What Carl Wrote in His Letters to Rick and Negan

[This story contains spoilers through season eight, episode 15 of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Worth," as well as the comics on which the show is based.]

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) is dead. Long live Carl Grimes.

The most important character to die on The Walking Dead since the show lost Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in the season seven premiere returned from beyond the grave in Sunday's episode of the AMC drama, albeit not as a zombie. Instead, it's his words that reverberated throughout the penultimate hour of season eight, perfectly timed...
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‘The Walking Dead’ Claims The Life Of Another Character In Season 8’s Penultimate Episode

Spoiler Alert: This story contains details of tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. As the war rages on in The Walking Dead universe, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) continues to try to live his life in the wake of Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) by making some questionable life choices while we see a different, almost vulnerable side of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as he was held prisoner in last week’s episode by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh). As they had a heart-to-heart (or the closest…
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Walking Dead Recap: Pawn of the Dead

Walking Dead Recap: Pawn of the Dead
Sides were changed so often during the penultimate Season 8 episode of The Walking Dead that it was a wonder the damn war wasn’t finally ended simply because the survivors fighting it couldn’t keep track of who was on whose team anymore. One character even wound up doing the opposition a solid — accidentally. Who became an Mvp, and how’d they manage to do so without realizing it? Read on…

‘Start Everything Over’ | “Worth” began with Rick alternately gazing at Michonne and Judith, and reading Carl’s letter, its contents revealed to us through a lovely, bittersweet Chandler Riggs voiceover.
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The Walking Dead Reveals Carl’s Letters to Negan and Rick

On Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the full contents of Carl’s pre-death notes to father Rick and enemy Negan were revealed. While season 8 of The Walking Dead has been no stranger to controversy, easily the most controversial move of the season so far was killing off Carl (Chandler Riggs). Carl began life as a kid who always seemed to get in the way, but as the years went on, matured into a badass walker-slayer in his own right.
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