Aftermath, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger: first trailer

Simon Brew Feb 9, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maggie Grace star in Aftermath. Here’s the first trailer…

He’s currently on American TV screens as the host of Celebrity Apprentice, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has found time to fit in another movie too. He’s taken the lead in Aftermath, a film that co-stars Maggie Grace and Scott McNairy.

The movie is heading to cinemas in the Us and video on demand in early April, and it’s being released in UK cinemas on April 7th 2017 too.

Here, then, is the first trailer for the film, along with a synopsis. See what you make of this…

Here's the synopsis:

Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash. Inspired by actual events, Aftermath tells a story of guilt and revenge after an air traffic controller’s (Scoot McNairy) error causes the death of a construction foreman’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wife and daughter.
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Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott and More Sing ‘Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)’ in Funny or Die Video

Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott and More Sing ‘Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)’ in Funny or Die Video
Election Day is just days away and it’s making celebrities like Rachel Bloom, Elizabeth Banks and Adam Scott unite to sing out in support for Hillary Clinton.

In an attempt to inspire others to vote for the Democratic nominee, the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” creator and star shared a hilarious anti-Trump music video titled “Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got To Vote).” Co-written by Bloom, Zach Reino and Jack Dolgen, the Funny or Die clip features a slew of celebrities including Moby, Mayim Bialik, Jaime Camil, Adam Pally, Melissa Rauch, Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Paul Scheer and so many more.

“Holy Sh*t” begins with Bloom at the piano, singing about how “an orange talking Std” has driven her to the recording studio.

The track is very “We are the World” and includes lyrics like, “And it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know / When your rocket’s f**cking racist,
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The Apprentice 2015: week 10 – as it happened

What did Lord Sugar lay on this week? Only a new health food opportunity and the chance to pitch an original snack to three major retailers

10.00pm GMT

Thank you so much for your company and please join the brilliant Hannah Verdier same time next Wednesday for all the interview-based carnage on uncomfortably sticky office chairs.

Have a brilliant final! I’m at @jnraeside if you need any tips on removing excess oil from your hands.

9.58pm GMT

On the basis of that task, the worst person by a hundred miles was Richard, closely followed by Charleine. He must like both of their business plans.

So with five wazzocks to go, it’s time for the interviews.

9.57pm GMT

“Fantastic,” says Bret. I’ve not heard that reaction before. Alan reassures him that he’s an honourable man which is lovely coming from Alan.

He lets the others go and
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 9 Review – ‘Property Agents’

Tom Beasley reviews The Apprentice’s latest task, which saw the teams enter the high-flying, big money world of selling top flight apartments in London. Would the candidates wilt in the face of all of those extra zeroes?

When the money gets big, candidates on The Apprentice always flap about like confused pigeons. This time around, the money got very big indeed as the candidates were given the opportunity to sell newly built luxury apartments in prime London real estate. Half of each team would sell mid-range properties, whilst the others would get the opportunity to flog more expensive stuff, with some of the stuff worth more than one million pounds. Selina was shifted over to Team Versatile, who elected Joseph as their leader. Richard stepped forward to act as project manager for Connexus.

Naturally, the two project managers opted to sell the more expensive apartments. Richard picked Vana, whose parents are architects,
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Scott Saunders: The Apprentice fix claims 'absolutely ludicrous'

Scott Saunders has branded Selina Waterman-Smith's claims that 'The Apprentice' is fixed as ''absolutely ludicrous''. The 27-year-old hopeful quit the show in last night's (02.12.15) episode despite being on the winning team while Selina was sacked by Lord Alan Sugar, and Scott has now spoken out about her recent claims that the show's producers pick their favourites at the beginning of the process and manipulate the show so that they make it to the final. Scott exclusively told Bang Showbiz: ''I didn't get any sense that the show was fixed whatsoever. If I was to have done bad in the first task
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The Apprentice 2015: week nine – as it happened

Lord Sugar summons the eight remaining candidates to Southbank Tower where he has laid on an estate agent opportunity for them. How many mid-range and high-end properties can the entrepreneurs sell in two days?

9.59pm GMT

Thanks so much for your company tonight. There have been highs, lows and… no, just lots more lows. Join Julia back here next week for another hour of The Apprentice, the programme where entrepreneurship meets light entertainment, LOLs and a lackadaisical attitude to the English language.

9.58pm GMT

Next week, Richard will be doing inappropriate things with onions, and Charleine will be getting to grips with chia seeds. I, for one, cannot wait.

9.57pm GMT

Joseph and Gary are safe for now. Off they trot, via the inevitable awkward hug…

9.56pm GMT

Will it be Selina? I hope so. It is!

9.55pm GMT

Why shouldn’t Lord Sugar fire Selina? She’s proved she
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 8 Review – ‘Party Planning’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice, in which the teams were tasked with putting together children’s parties, complete with entertainment, catering and goodies. Who would send the clients home happy?

Last week, The Apprentice ploughed a well-known and zeitgeisty area of business – the discount store. This week, it was something entirely more affluent, with both teams given a set of parents willing to spend at least £2,000 on party planning services for their child’s birthday. Sugar elected the project managers himself, handing events agency owner Selina the reigns of Connexus, whilst forcing Brummie Gary to the head of Versatile for the second consecutive week, citing his business plan’s relevance to events planning.

Selina was given the choice of any member of Versatile joining her team. She opted for Richard, which was bizarre given how thoroughly she sidelined him for much of the task. They met
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The Apprentice 2015: episode eight – as it happened

What’s that old saying – never work with kids and candidates? This week, Lord Sugar laid on a children’s party event for the teams to organise

9.59pm GMT

Thank you for your company this evening. I’m coming downstairs to the comments now to hand out cake which may contain nuts.

See you here again next week, same time, for another lovely hour of cringe and Oh No. And I’m assured you’ll be able to find the blog on the TV front page from 8.45pm. Hooray! See you then/there.

9.58pm GMT

“It was really, really close,” says Gary to his amazed compadres as everyone thinks about what they’re going to spend the money on when they definitely win.

Next week it’s something to do with windows. Will they find their true calling as double glazing sales people? Also, several people cover their mouths with their hands to denote drama.
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The Apprentice's Scott Saunders and Brett Butler-Smythe in 'heated' row

'The Apprentice's Scott Saunders and Brett Butler-Smythe had to be ''pulled apart'' by other candidates during a ''heated'' row. The two hopefuls - who are competing for a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar on the BBC One show - are reported to have ''completely lost it'' with one another during an incident at the contestants' house before Scott was seen falsely accusing Brett of threatening to ''smash his face in'' during last week's episode. A source said: ''The fight between Scott and Brett was really full on, and it seemed to come out of nowhere. ''It actually started over the remote control. ''Scott
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 7 Review – ‘Discount Store’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice, in which the teams struggled in their attempts to capitalise on the discount store boom…

There was a sense of dust settling on this week’s episode of The Apprentice after last week’s boardroom bloodbath. This week saw the teams rebalanced as Lord Sugar sent them to Manchester with the aim of setting up rival discount stores in one of the city’s biggest shopping centres. Retail expert Gary took the helm of Versatile, finally stepping up to the plate after weeks of solid background performances. Salesman Scott opted to lead Connexus, hoping to rebound from his loss as project manager of the pet show task.

The first day of the task saw the teams visit wholesalers before selling their wares on the streets in the aim of “smelling what’s selling” in order to restock for their stores on the second day.
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 6 Review – ‘Handy Man’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice in which almost all of the candidates proved utterly useless at manual work and Lord Sugar’s firing finger got a hell of a workout…

It’s no secret that Lord Sugar likes it when his potential business partners show that they can get their hands dirty. This week, he tasked the two teams with setting up their own handy man businesses. He had laid on two big, corporate jobs but other than that, he essentially forced the teams to run around asking random Londoners for a tenner to clean their windows. Sugar forced builder Brett and construction executive Elle into the project manager roles for their respective teams and warned each of them that he would be watching carefully to see how they fared in leadership roles similar to their day jobs.

Elle, in charge of Versatile, immediately began dithering
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The Apprentice 2015: episode six – as it happened

Lord Sugar’s latest challenge: set up and run a handyman business. What could go wrong in the hi-viz biz?

9.59pm GMT

In the meantime, thank you for virtually holding me through the last hour. It was, as always, awful but not as awful with all of you here.

Come back next week so we can gawp at the final 10, whittling themselves down like contestants for the Darwin Awards. Hooray! I’m @jnraeside on Twitter if you want some sort of counselling in the meantime.

9.58pm GMT

Next week’s throw-forward sees Alan utter the immortal, “I’m cranking up the action now” which means he’s probably going to let rip a feisty guff and then challenge the contestants not to mention it, mid-boardroom next week. So we can all look forward to that.

9.57pm GMT

April, Elle and Mergim have all found a satisfactory justification for their firings
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 5 Review – ‘Children’s Book’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice. This week, the world of children’s literature floors the teams as they try to separate their onomatopoeia from their alliteration…

Candidates on The Apprentice are seldom short for words. This week, however, that proved to be a good thing as the teams were tasked with producing a children’s book for kids aged between three and five, before flogging it to retailers big and small the next day. Lord Sugar issued a pretty explicit signal to Sam, shifting him over to Team Connexus in a move that may as well have been accompanied by a t-shirt reading “project manager”. Sam duly stepped forward, rambling about Aristotelian tragedy in a way that suggested he was far more comfortable with Homer than Homer Simpson.

Charleine was made Pm for Versatile and elected Richard sub-team leader, before telling the camera how brilliant a move that was,
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The Apprentice 2015: episode five – as it happened

The teams were tasked with writing and designing a children’s book. Who had a happily-ever-after – and whose dreams of success did a huffing-and-puffing Lord Sugar blow down?

10.02pm GMT

Someone please buy a copy and post a Tumblr of it. I don’t want to waste my precious cash but I’m happy for one of you to, in the common interest.

There we have it. Writing and selling a children’s book should take no longer than a day. Don’t let the so called publishing professionals tell you otherwise.

9.59pm GMT

And then there were 13. This is almost an Agatha Christie dinner party. Bring on the murders.

Next week, the baker’s dozen of dolts are given a new challenge involving bushes as far as I can see. No specifics but one of them definitely gets fired and possibly more than one.

9.57pm GMT

Charleine is just
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 4 Review – ‘Pet Show’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice. The process rolled on with a sales focus this week, with the teams selecting a trio of products to flog at a busy pet show…

Episodes like ‘Pet Show’ are often the highlights of The Apprentice. The first day of these tasks sees the teams select a number of products from enthusiastic vendors, before flogging them mercilessly at some sort of event the next day. This time around, the teams Versatile and Connexus were asked to choose products to sell to animal lovers at a London pet extravaganza. The items available varied from the cuddly to the absurd, with a whole new audience being introduced to the bizarre spectacle of a chicken in a hi-vis jacket.

Versatile, led by sports marketer David, opted to greet each inventor with breathless enthusiasm on their way to selecting some adorable animal balloons that had
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The Apprentice 2015: Twitter talks fashion choices and rubbish winning team treats

Fashion was the hot topic on this week's pet-tastic episode of The Apprentice.

From hi-vis jackets for chickens and guinea-pig t-shirts to Ruth's entire wardrobe choices, Twitter was interested in it all.

Here are this week's best tweets:

Chicken hi-vis jackets baffled a few people:

High viz chicken jackets.

They must be a right bunch of cocks to buy those #TheApprentice

David Smart (@davidlewissmart) October 28, 2015

Whoever invented the hi viz chicken jacket needs shooting. #TheApprentice

— Will (@WillMcHoebag) October 28, 2015

A high vis chicken jacket to protect chickens crossing the road!!! Only on #TheApprentice

Ricky Martin (@RickyMartin247) October 28, 2015

Seriously though- Why Does A Chicken Have A High Vis Jacket? #TheApprentice

Matt Edmondson (@MattEdmondson) October 28, 2015

What kind of idiot would dress their chicken in anything other than peri-peri seasoning #theapprentice

Suleman (@NamelusWonder) October 28, 2015

But then, so many of the fashion choices tonight:

Looks like Ruth has been sent out of boardroom and back
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The Apprentice: Who got fired tonight after a pet show palaver?

The Apprentice lost another candidate tonight after Ruth Whiteley became the fourth hopeful to be sent packing by Lord Sugar.

The 47-year-old consultant got sent home after her team - led by Scott Saunders - made nearly £1,000 less than their rivals at a pet show.

And Ruth, who runs a consultancy training people how to sell, incurred Lord Sugar's wrath when she awkwardly failed to sell a single item.

"I don't dispute your enthusiasm but you claim to be a salesperson, you claim to train people how to sell - here we are in a sales task and you failed miserably," he said.

Turning to Scott, he went on: "You needed to be a bit more ruthless in choosing your high end sales division, and I'm not using that as a pun because maybe less Ruth would have been the best thing. So Ruth, you're fired."

Speaking in her taxi home,
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The Apprentice 2015: You won't believe the reason tonight's candidate thinks they were fired

The Apprentice's latest fired candidate Ruth Whiteley has a very unusual theory about why she couldn't sell anything during tonight's pet exhibition task.

The 47-year-old consultant was let go tonight after not being able to shift a single cat tower at the London Pet Show, but she told Digital Spy that she thinks a new hairdo might be to blame.

"Do you know what I put it down to?" she joked. "Every task that I survived, I had my hair tied back. And in that task, I thought, 'No, all the girls in the house get to let their hair down – they're all curling it, tonging it, flicking it, drying it'. And I thought, 'Right, today I'm going to go with my hair down'. That's it – I jinxed myself. Isn't it amazing how a professional businesswoman boils down to her hair bobble?"

Ruth - who admitted that she feels
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The Apprentice 2015: episode four – as it happened

Lord Sugar’s search went to the dogs – he sent the contestants off to choose products for animal lovers. Did they sell anything at the London Pet Show?

9.58pm GMT

All authors will be delighted to hear that, next week, the candidates will be tasked with creating a children’s book. That’s a book, in two days. Lovely. Can’t see those being shite.

Join me here, clinging to a small drawing done by my child, trying to remember the good in the world, same time next week.

9.57pm GMT

She says thank you and she should thank him because he’s saved her from being known forever more as the woman on The Apprentice who wore those suits.

Selina is given an eleventh hour reprieve and Scott knows he was never really going anyway. I enjoyed how Gary switched so quickly from slagging off Selina to punching the
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The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 2 Review – ‘Cactus Shampoo’

Tom Beasley reviews the latest episode of The Apprentice, in which the two teams were tasked with branding and advertising a cactus-based shampoo. Things got a little hairy…

Advertising tasks on The Apprentice are usually pretty easy to predict, with a runaway director derailing their team’s chances by running around like Terrence Malick trying to flog some pound shop tat they brewed up in a dodgy manufacturing plant the night before. This time around, the task was a little different, as Lord Sugar gave the teams a shampoo infused with cactus oil and asked them to brand and market the product. After the intriguing decision to mix the genders of the teams last night, Lord Sugar returned to a battle of the sexes format.

The boys at Team Versatile chose “Swiss army knife of business skills” Richard as Pm and decided to create a product for their own market,
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