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Terence Chang’s Lucida Boards Yun Woo Ping’s Martial Arts Thriller ‘Invisible Guard’

Lucida Entertainment, the multifaceted film company headed by veteran producer Terence Chang, celebrated its first anniversary by boarding “The Invisible Guard.” The film is to be directed by Yuen Woo Ping, the celebrated action choreographer of “The Grandmaster” and “Kill Bill” and director of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.”

The film is to be a live action adaptation of one of the hottest animated properties in China, a Tang Dynasty-set martial arts action series which in two seasons has amassed more than 6.6 billion views across all of China’s major online video platforms. Chang is set as executive producer.

The project, unveiled on the margins of the Shanghai International Film Festival, adds to a five-film slate announced this time last year when the company launched. Three of the five are now in advanced stages of production, including “The Adventurers,” starring France’s Jean Reno, Hong Kong’s Andy Lau
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Terence Chang’s Lucida Entertainment signs star trio

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Beijing-based company announces news at Shanghai International Film Festival.

Shanghai: Terence Chang and Yang Xin’s Lucida Entertainment has signed three young Chinese stars to its fast-growing talent stable – Godfrey Gao, Huang Jingyu and Wang Chuanjun.

The Beijing-based company will represent Taiwanese-Canadian star Gao in the mainland China market, co-operating with the actor’s Taiwanese management company, JetStar Entertainment. It will be the sole agent for Huang Jingyu and Wang Chuanjun.

Lucida announced the signings at its one-year anniversary party at the on-going Shanghai International Film Festival, attended by a host of local stars and industry figures, including Yuen Woo-ping and Manfred Wong.

Gao has credits including The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (2013), produced by Constantin Film, and Leong Po-chih’s The Jade Pendant (2016).

Huang’s credits include Zhang Meng’s upcoming comedy drama Guns And Kidneys and Dante Lam’s Operation Red Sea, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2017, while Wang recently starred in [link
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Cannes: China’s ‘Jade Pendant’ Set for North American Release (Exclusive)

Cannes: China’s ‘Jade Pendant’ Set for North American Release (Exclusive)
Crimson Forest Entertainment has acquired North American rights to Chinese period romance “The Jade Pendant,” from China- and Hong Kong-based Lotus Entertainment.

Shot in Utah, “The Jade Pendant” is directed by Hong Kong veteran Leong Po-Chih (“The Detonator,” “Out of Reach”) and follows the journey of a young girl who, fleeing an arranged marriage in China, finds herself on American shores.

Her tragic love story is set against the 1871 burning of Chinatown in Los Angeles and the largest mass lynching in American history. The film is targeted to release theatrically Oct. 24, on the anniversary of the Chinese Massacre of 1871.

The film stars South Korean star Clara Lee (“Working Girl”), Taiwanese heartthrob Godfrey Gao (“The Mortal Instruments”), Russell Wong (“Romeo Must Die,” “Contract to Kill”), and screen veterans Tsai Chin and Tzi Ma.

The Jade Pendant was produced by Thomas Leong, Bruce Feirstein and Scott Rosenfelt for Lotus Entertainment.

Crimson Forest
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Dwayne Johnson To Produce Son Of Shaolin For Sony

So, by my count, the indefatigable Dwayne Johnson is essentially booked straight through to the year 2025, or thereabouts – and he’s still adding projects to his mighty slate. With starring roles announced on what seems to be a weekly basis, the actor is also working to expand his presence behind the camera – and the newly planned Son Of Shaolin will fall into that category, with Dwayne Johnson on board as producer.

The film will be based upon the yet-to-be-published graphic novel of the same name, written by Jay Longino. Since this source material has not yet hit the stands, plot details are scarce. But, as per Deadline, it will tell “a contemporary Kung-Fu story that intertwines Shaolin mythology with many of the current issues faced by teens growing up in gentrifying neighbourhoods.” Author Longino will also write the script, but the director’s chair apparently remains vacant at this time.
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Stephon Marbury’s China-Set Basketball Movie Draws Sk Global Backing

“My Other Home,” a Chinese-language movie about Stephon Marbury’s post-nba career in China, is gaining backing from the Sk Global joint venture between Ivanhoe Pictures and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

Sk Global is co-financing and co-producing with China’s Hairun Pictures. Ivanhoe co-produced the South Korean hit “The Wailing” with Fox International.

Based on the life of former NBA star Marbury, who plays himself in the film, the story chronicles Marbury’s rise to stardom, his subsequent troubles with the NBA, and his ultimate transition to playing professional basketball in China.

Marbury, who played 15 seasons in the NBA, has found great success while playing professional basketball in China. He currently plays for the Beijing Ducks and has helped the team to three Chinese Basketball Association championships. The film has been shooting in Beijing and moves to New York at the end of June.

Ivanhoe has partnered with Chinese production company and main investor Hairun,
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Arjun Rampal on The List of Most Gorgeous Asian Men

In a recent list ranking the top 21 gorgeous Asian men, Arjun Rampal finds himself placed along with the likes of other heartthrobs like Hrithik Roshan, Godfrey Gao and Hideo Muraoka. The model turned actor comfortably leaves his mark flaunting the most perfectly crafted set of abs along with a killer attitude and a to-die-for look that is bound to make you swoon. Sporting an intense look, this man surely knows how to make things steamy.

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Godfrey Gao Talks The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Within the often puritanical world of young adult fiction, The Mortal Instruments offers a uniquely complex portrayal of sexuality – embodied by the character of Magnus Bane, played by newcomer Godfrey Gao. First appearing on screen like a polyamorous Hugh Hefner in make-up, a robe and boxer briefs, Gao’s presence is initially shocking, particularly given the main character Clary’s decidedly understated representation of her own sexuality, but Gao imbues the character with dignity as he deals with the particulars of character and plot in a starkly un-flamboyant way. Collider sat down with Gao at the Los Angeles press day for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, where the young actor talked about the great opportunities he enjoyed working on the budding franchise as part of its dynamic acting ensemble. Additionally, he offered some brief insights into the work he did to prepare the character for future installments, and discussed
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The Mortal Instruments Review

The Mortal Instruments Review
Film: "The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones"; Cast: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Lena Headey, Kevin Durand, Aidan Turner, Jemima West, Godfrey Gao, C.C.H. Pounder, Jared Harris, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Director: Harald Zwart; Rating: **1/2 - simple, overdramatic tale/

"The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones" is an overdramatic take on the age-old battle between good and evil forces. It is a youth adventure fiction film based on Cassandra Clare's eponymous novel.

Jampacked with vampires, werewolves, warlocks, fairies, and a teenage love triangle, this is a saga of a.
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Lily Collins: Back Home in L.A.

Returning home after a whirlwind tour to promote her new movie, Lily Collins touched down at Lax Airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 28).

The "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" star sported a black and white jacket, white graphic T-shirt, and black pants as she gathered up her luggage.

Just the day before, the 24-year-old actress hit the red carpet for her film's premiere at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

Joining her to ensure the film's international success were co-stars Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, and Godfrey Gao.
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Summer Movies in Review: Lone Rangers and Game Changers

Summer Movies in Review: Lone Rangers and Game Changers
Scott Foundas: And so another summer movie season comes to an end, with both a bang (in terms of record-breaking box office) and the collective whimpers of ousted executives and even an entire studio placed on and off the chopping block by hedge fund managers. Indeed, the behind-the-scenes drama at Sony — complete with third-act cameo by George Clooney in Norma Rae mode — would have made for a better movie called “Paranoia” than the one that will already have vacated multiplexes by the time you’re reading this.

Certainly, in terms of original ideas at the movies, this summer was more of a winter of discontent, with so many sequels, remakes and reboots that, on any number of weeks, fully half of the films in the box-office top 10 had some kind of number in their titles. This isn’t always a bad thing: two of my favorite movies of the season,
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New Mortal Instruments Movie Delivered Lots Of Great Action,Drama & More

New Mortal Instruments movie delivered lots of great action,drama & more. Screen Gems (Sony) released their new action flick, "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was ok. It offered a lot of great action scenes and cool special effects,along with a ton of drama. However, there were parts that were quite slow and boring. And the storyline was a bit hard to follow to say the very least. It stars: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Lena Headey, Kevin Durand, Aidan Turner, Jemima West, Godfrey Gao, Cch Pounder, Jared Harris, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The new flick is apparently based on a worldwide best-selling book series, and revolved around character,Clary Fray (Lily Collins}, who is a seemingly ordinary teenager in New York City. After a series of strange events ,suddenly went down, Clary
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Review

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Review
Title: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Directed By: Harald Zwart Starring: Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Lena Headey, Kevin Durand, Aidan Turner, Jemima West, Godfrey Gao, Cch Pounder, Jared Harris, Jonathan Rhys MeyersThe Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” might reduce plans for the sequel to ashes. Clary (Lily Collins) is your average girl, living in New York City, hanging out with her best friend, Simon (Robert Sheehan). While at a club, Clary catches a glimpse of a ruthless murder. Trouble is, nobody else sees it. When she’s approached by the murderer the very next day, she knows something’s up and, sure enough, right in [ Read More ]

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'Mortal Instruments': All these stories are Not true, but the cast wishes they were!

'Mortal Instruments': All these stories are Not true, but the cast wishes they were!
One of the repeated lines of the Mortal Instruments series is that “all the stories are true.” There is no reason to assume that the monsters under your bed are a figment of your imagination once your eyes have been opened to the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders (and yeah, okay, I really wish Simon Lewis were a real person).

EW asked the cast and crew at the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones premiere in Los Angeles which stories they hoped were true — and got some interesting answers. Ranging from the fantastical to the medicinal to rock and roll legends,
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'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Author Cassandra Clare on Dealbreaker Scenes, Fan Expectations, and Sequels

  • Moviefone
"The Mortal Instruments" took six years to adapt from a best-selling young adult fantasy to a teen-targeted film franchise, and no one was more invested in how the page-to-screen transformation would work than author Cassandra Clare. Clare spoke to Moviefone about the surreal process of having her supernatural universe turned into a film (now in theaters), and also shared everything from her favorite scenes to her thoughts on the gorgeous cast and her hopes for which fellow authors will have movies made based on their books.

Here are 10 things she wants moviegoers -- especially those already familiar with her books -- to know about the "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" adaptation.

1. Don't Expect a Carbon Copy of the Book

Every adaptation, Clare stresses, is just that; it's not a word-for-word retelling, nor could it ever be (at least without being five hours long). And although a small percentage of
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Rated: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - A New Take on the Supernatural Film Genre

  • Cinelinx
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is loose in the Big Apple and the Sony Pictures movie brings to the big screen an amazing supernatural world filled with angels, demons and tough as nails Shadowhunters, oh my. Young actors Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower scorch up the screen, kick some demon ass and display some pretty deft rune magic. It's a quest for Mortal Instruments and it's a summer film defintely set to entertain audiences and make them ponder the otherwordly possibilities of an unseen world. There's not a whole lot of spoilers but there are a few. Come on in and read the Cinelinx review of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

The Basics

Set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray (Lily Collins), discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of young half-angel warriors locked in an
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The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Talking Points: 10 Essential Facts

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones is in theaters now and whether you’ve seen it already or not, you might have a few questions. Don’t worry because we’ve not only seen the movie, but we might have read all of the books in author Cassandra Clare‘s popular Ya series, and we’re ready to spill some secrets about the film, the characters and that controversial ending.

Be forewarned, though, because mild spoilers abound in the first two pages, and Massive Spoilers appear in the last page.

1) There Isn’t A Love Triangle In This Film. There Are Two (Er…Three…Wait! Sort Of Four!) Love Triangles.

Ever since Twilight came out there’s been this expectation that stories that feature a female protagonist also need to have one love interest and one third wheel. The Mortal Instruments fulfills this stereotype with the love triangle between Clary
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TV Spot to Celebrate The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Opening Tonight

The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones opens in theaters tonight! The hit book by Cassandra Clare and adapted for the big screen by director Harald Zwart stars Lily James (Clary), Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Kevin Zegers (Alec), Robert Sheehan (Simon), and Lena Headey (Jocelyn). Here’s a TV spot to tide you over until you can hit the theaters tonight!

TV Spot: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – Journey

Hope you have your tickets!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones starring Lily Collins, Lena Headey, Jamie Campbell Bower, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Kevin Durand, Aidan Turner, Jemima West, Godfrey Gao, Cch Pounder and Jared Harris hits theaters August 21, 2013.
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'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' Family Review: 5 Things Every Parent Should Know About the Teen Fantasy

  • Moviefone
School's back in session for half of the country, but there's one more big offering for the teens this late August: "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." Based on author Cassandra Clare's extremely popular book series, the story follows Clary Fray (Lily Collins), a New York City teenager, who on the eve of her Sixteenth birthday discovers some unbelievable things, like the fact that her mother (Lena Headey) -- who has been abducted -- is really a former Shadowhunter, a covert group of demon slayers who've pledged to protect the world from creatures of darkness. On the bright side, there's a hunky blond Shadowhunter named Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) who offers to help Clary navigate the supernatural world hidden around the city in order to find her mom.

Here are five issues to consider when deciding if "City of Bones" is a good fit for your family.

1. How sensitive is your kid to violence?
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Magnus Bane 4Ever! Why We Love The Immortal Mortal Instruments Character

If you haven’t yet read Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices books, you might be wondering why Magnus Bane, a minor character in City of Bones (in theaters Wednesday), has a massive online following and was the runner up in our 25 Best Supernatural Characters of 2012 list (above all those vampires!). We thought we’d give you a little primer on the gorgeous warlock, played by Taiwanese-Canadian model Godfrey Gao. Here are some reasons why we love him, anyway:

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1. Those eyes. The offspring of a human and a demon, Magnus would typically have some kind of icky demon mark, like green skin. But he lucked out and instead has cat pupils, which are pretty sexy in a goth way.

2. He’s a party animal. We meet him in City of Bones as he’s throwing a wild party in his Brooklyn apartment. When he appears
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24 New High-Resolution Images from The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Screen Gems has released a bounty of new high-resolution images from director Harald Zwart’s Ya adaptation The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Based on the book by Cassandra Clare, the upcoming film tells the story of Clary Fray (Lily Collins), a seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers that she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret organization of young half-angel warriors in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons. These new images give a nice overview of what to expect from the pic, which is now only days away from release. Hit the jump to check out the images, and if you missed any over our interviews or previous Mortal Instruments coverage, click here. The film also stars Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Jared Harris, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Lena Headey, Jemima West, Robert Sheehan, Godfrey Gao, Cch Pounder, and Aidan Turner. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones opens August 21st.
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