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Actor Eugenio Derbez on His Overboard Reboot and Preparing for His First Grandchild

Actor Eugenio Derbez on His Overboard Reboot and Preparing for His First Grandchild
Eugenio Derbez is counting down the days until he becomes a grandfather for the first time. The Mexican comedian and producer, who is the star and co-producer of the upcoming comedy Overboard with Anna Faris and Eva Longoria, says he is ready to change diapers again. “I’m going to be there. I’m saving that day on my calendar,” Derbez, 55, says of the day his daughter, actress Aislinn Derbez, 31, gives birth. Although her delivery is set for early March, the baby — a girl — could come any day now so that family is on high alert and rushing to prepare.
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Eugenio Derbez's Daughter Aislinn Reveals the Sex of Her First Child

Eugenio Derbez's Daughter Aislinn Reveals the Sex of Her First Child
Eugenio Derbez is going to be a grandfather to a baby girl!  The Overboard star's daughter Aislinn Derbez announced the exciting news on her Instagram.  "Waiting with great love for our beautiful baby! (Yes, it's a girl!)," the Do It Like an Hombre star captioned the post with a heartfelt photo of herself and her husband, Mauricio Ochmann. In September, the actors shared with fans that they were expecting a new addition to their family.  "13 years ago, I lived one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. And today, my heart fills again as I'm able to once again experience this with the woman I love," the El Chama star captioned the...
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Network: Netflix. Episodes: Ongoing (half-hour). Seasons: Ongoing. TV show dates: September 22, 2016 — present. Series status: Has not been cancelled. Performers include: Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Jake Johnson, Marc Maron, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, Emily Ratajkowski, Michael Chernus, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Aya Cash, Jane Adams, Elizabeth Reaser, Evan Jonigkeit, Kiersey Clemons, Jacqueline Toboni, Aislinn Derbez, Raul Castillo, Zazie Beetz, Aubrey Plaza, Kate Berlant, Joe Lo Truglio, Michaela Watkins, Judy Greer, and Danielle Macdonald. TV show description: From creator, writer, and director Joe Swanberg, the Easy TV show is a modern, urban, scripted comedy anthology. Easy follows diverse Chicagoans on their quest for sex and love. The series also explores what impact technology and the larger culture have upon
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Do It Like An Hombre: Director Nicolas Lopez Talks About Converting Homophobia Into A Comedy

Mexican box office history has been made earlier this month as Director Nicolas Lopez’s comedy Do It Like An Hombre set a record for the highest Mexican movie box office total for 2017 with a local film.

The comedy is about three friends, Raul, Eduardo and Santiago, who led a happy and straight life since their childhood. Their relationships changed one day when Santiago confesses to them that he is actually gay.

The film stars Maruicio Ochmann, Alfonso Dosal and Aislinn Derbez.

Lrm sat down with director Nicolas Lopez to talk about the success of this comedy in Mexico and its culture.

Do It Like An Hombre will be released in Us theaters this Friday, September 1st.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

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‘Do It Like an Hombre’ Is Mexico’s Highest-Grossing Local Film of the Year

‘Do It Like an Hombre’ Is Mexico’s Highest-Grossing Local Film of the Year
Some new Mexican box office history has been made as the comedy “Do it Like an Hombre” followed its 68.7 million Mexican pesos ($3.89 million) opening weekend with a two weekend total of $130.3 million pesos ($7.4 million), giving it the highest Mexican movie box office total of 2017, according to comScore.

In its first weekend, including a Thursday first-day bow, the film was the country’s second-highest Mexican release ever after the 2013 smash-hit “Instructions Not Included,” which holds the top spot, though off a Thursday rather than Friday opening. 2016’s “Que Culpe Tiene el Nino”? earned a three-day 65.6 million pesos ($3.7 million), according to comScore.

The recent success of local hits in Mexico has helped in recent years to justify a massive growth in the number of theaters across the country. It may also suggest a shift away from the near absolute choke-hold that Hollywood blockbusters, especially animated movies, have held on the region’s box offices for years. At
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Nicolas Lopez’s ‘Do It Like an Hombre’ Smashes 2017 Mexican Movie Records

Nicolas Lopez’s ‘Do It Like an Hombre’ Smashes 2017 Mexican Movie Records
Having directed Chilean smash hit “Sin Filtro,” Nicolás Lopez looks like he has done it again. But in a far bigger market than his native Chile and with a Spanish-language comedy which, distributed by Pantelion and starring Mauricio Ochmann (“El Chema”) and Aislinn Derbez (“Win It All”), has U.S. potential.

Bowing Aug.10 in Mexico, Lopez’s first Mexican movie as a director, “Hazlo como Hombre” (“Do It Like an Hombre”), which Pantelion releases Sept. 1 in the U.S., opened No. 1 on Thursday, punching $591,537 at the Mexican box office, over double the biggest U.S. bow, “Baby Driver” ($239,565).

That’s also getting on for double the first-day box office trawl for “Que Culpa Tiene el Niño?” – Mexico’s biggest local hit of 2016, which went on to earn $14.4 million in Mexico.

These are just opening night figures. But they do raise the question of how much “Do It Like an Hombre” could gross not just in Mexico but
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Manolo Caro’s ‘Tales of an Immoral Couple’ Gets U.S. Debut (Exclusive)

Manolo Caro’s ‘Tales of an Immoral Couple’ Gets U.S. Debut (Exclusive)
Fledgling U.S. Latino distribution company Hola Mexico is releasing Manolo Caro’s romcom “Tales of an Immoral Couple” in the U.S.

Known for his comedies that have consistently perched among the top 10 highest-grossing pics in Mexico over the past three years, Caro’s fifth feature film revolves around a couple who meet again 25 years after their first romantic entanglement.

A comedy of errors ensues as they both try to maintain their facades, and the true reasons why they split up the first time are eventually revealed. Shot on location in Mexico’s picturesque San Miguel de Allende, “Tales of an Immoral Couple” was distributed by Cinepolis in Mexico where it bowed in November and became one of the top-grossing Mexican films of 2016.

The cast is led by Cecilia Suarez, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, and Paz Vega.

This marks the first U.S. theatrical distribution of a film by the Guadalajara-born Mexican film and theater helmer-scribe who saw
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“Win it All” is another strong pairing of Jake Johnson and Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg has had one of the more interesting career upswings of any independent filmmaker out there. After being one of the essential founders of the mumblecore indie movement, he made a right turn of sorts a few years back. Opting for bigger stars and similarly simple premises, he’s found more acclaim than ever before. Between Drinking Buddies, Happy Christmas, and Digging for Fire, Swanberg is as exciting a writer/director as ever before. Most recently, Swanberg has teamed up again with frequent collaborator Jake Johnson for Win It All, a film that at once feels both different and similar than what he’s been up to lately. Above all else, it’s a great vehicle for Johnson, who does his best work when paired with Swanberg. The flick is a character study, centered on gambler Eddie Garrett (Johnson). He’s broke, but charming. A nice guy unable to resist a card game,
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Derbez and Ochmann Acquire Feature Rights To ‘Toltec Art Of Life And Death’

Derbez and Ochmann Acquire Feature Rights To ‘Toltec Art Of Life And Death’
Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez — two of the biggest actors in Spanish-language TV and film — have acquired feature film rights to The New York Times’ best-selling author Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Toltec Art of Life and Death. The story that follows the author’s near-death experience will be developed as in English-language feature through their through Ochmann and Derbez’s newly formed production company A Toda Madre Entertainment. Ochmann's hit TV show El Chema
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Review — ‘Win It All’ Is a Low-Stakes Table But a Good Time

Win It All’ Is a Low-Stakes Table But a Good TimeJoe Swanberg’s latest character study combines neo-noir and lawnmowing.

I may be overly sympathetic towards Eddie (Win It All’s protagonist played by Jake Johnson) during the film’s opening credit sequence, because I recently took a similarly bleary-eyed train back home from Chicago’s Chinatown after a long night of cutting my losses. It’s not just that, though. Win It All is a slow-burn dramedy set on undercutting the romanticized, disheveled losers of noir while still developing a charm of its own. Johnson, in his expressive, frumpy portrayal of a low-stakes gambling addict — the kind of guy that wears a thin gold chain around his neck and really means it — finds pain, humor, and hope in a dead-end card junkie.

It helps that he co-wrote the screenplay with director and editor Joe Swanberg, who’s been his collaborator (in Drinking Buddies and Digging for Fire) in
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Win It All Review

Win It All fluctuates the highs and lows of Joe Swanberg’s cinematic lyricism (indie and simplistic), but smartly pushes all-in at the right moments. Dramatic beats are so in-tune with the gambler’s lament in this pursuit of mega-buck paydays that are always “right around the corner.” It’s more than just an addiction, though. The gambler is someone who becomes accustomed to losing, because risk and reward go hand-in-hand. Adrenaline spikes even when cash flows outward, because there’s always a chance for redemption. Taking down a massive pot with pocket Aces makes you feel invincible until your full-house gets busted by quads – trust me. Then it’s doubt, self-depreciation and another stack of chips that are going to turn your life around until they vanish, too.

Jake Johnson stars as Eddie Garrett, a gambling man who spends his days parking cars and nights shuffling cards. He’s
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Odds And Sods: The director and cast of Win It All try not to keep it too serious

The new Netflix comedy Win It All is the third collaboration between Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson, following Drinking Buddies and Digging for Fire. The duo approached the new film differently than their previous work, describing it as a “straight-up comedy.” The A.V. Club sat down with Swanberg and Johnson, as well as cast members Joe Lo Truglio and Aislinn Derbez, to find out how this new approach altered the filmmaking process.
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First Trailer for Joe Swanberg's Comedy 'Win it All' Premiering at SXSW

"My name is Eddie Garrett and I am an idiot. I am addicted to losing." Netflix recently debuted the trailer for the latest film from writer/director Joe Swanberg, titled Win it All, which is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. Win it All stars Jake Johnson (who also co-wrote the script) as a gambler who is given the task of watching over a bag of money for a friend in jail, but he can't help spending some of it. Of course, he loses it and then his friend is expected to be released early. The cast also includes Keegan-Michael Key, Joe Lo Truglio, Aislinn Derbez, Jose Antonio Garcia, and Cliff Chamberlain. This looks somewhat fun to watch, with some amusing moments, but I'm just not feeling this film. Take a look. Here's the first official trailer for Joe Swanberg's Win it All, direct from Netflix's
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SXSW Film Review: ‘Win It All’

SXSW Film Review: ‘Win It All’
For anyone who first encountered indie auteur Joe Swanberg in his nano-budget days of both literal and figurative onscreen onanism, the idea that his films might one day be almost too tidy in their clockwork plotting and crowdpleasing sweetness would have seemed absurd. Yet that’s precisely the trade-off offered by his latest, “Win It All,” which casts a never-better Jake Johnson as an endearingly hopeless small-time gambler who finds redemption at the worst possible time. Funny, warm, and broken-in in all the right ways, “Win It All” marries Swanberg’s loping, observational style with a plot that wouldn’t have been out of place in an old-school Warner Bros. melodrama, and ends up dealing a surprisingly strong hand.

Swanberg first began making overtures to audiences outside mumblecore’s closed feedback loop with “Drinking Buddies” and “All the Light in the Sky.” But it was with his first venture into episodic television,
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‘Win It All’ Review: Joe Swanberg Makes His Most Traditional Movie With This Netflix Original — SXSW 2017

‘Win It All’ Review: Joe Swanberg Makes His Most Traditional Movie With This Netflix Original — SXSW 2017
The most radical thing about “Win It All,” a perfectly agreeable little movie about one man’s attempt to put his gambling problems behind him, is that it follows a pretty conventional arc. More than a decade after director Joe Swanberg started cranking out rambling, improvisatory lo-fi movies, he has wound up funneling those tendencies into formula. At the same time, “Win It All” shows only just enough interest in narrative to keep its light entertainment value in play, while resisting the impulse to tell all but the simplest of stories. It’s still a talky character study, but Swanberg has steadily shown a far greater regard to holding the interest of a general audience, and this is the closest he has come so far.

It’s a reasonable outcome for a movie produced exclusively for Netflix, where Swanberg recently did a full season of his observational comedy “Easy,” further
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Watch the trailer for gambling comedy Win It All starring Jake Johnson

Coinciding with its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, Netflix has released a trailer for director Joe Swanberg’s upcoming comedy Win It All which stars Jake Johnson, Keegan-Michael Key, Joe Lo Truglio, and Aislinn Derbez; check it out below after the official synopsis…

Jake Johnson (New Girl) stars as small time gambler Eddie Garrett, who agrees to watch a duffel bag for an acquaintance who is heading to prison. When he discovers cash in the bag, he’s unable to resist the temptation and winds up deeply in debt. When the prison release is shortened, Eddie suddenly has a small window of time to win all the money back.

Win It All is set to arrive on Netflix on April 7th.
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SXSW: Nerdist Releases Schedule to Highlight Baby Driver, American Gods and Free Fire

‘Tis the season for film screenings, amazing music, and nonstop eating. That’s right, it’s time for SXSW, and Nerdist is back in Austin taking over Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden (79 Rainey St.) for Nerdist’s Backyard Bash presented by Alpha. Taking place from Friday, March 10 –Sunday March 12, fans who attend will be treated to party games, celebrity interviews, live performances, and all the beer and BBQ they can handle.

Highlighting this year’s event will be cast appearances from Baby Driver, American Gods, Win It All, and Free Fire. The time of these appearances and the list of talent attending (along with the rest of the entire weekend schedule) is below.

As an added bonus, Alpha members who attend will get a free beer and entrée any day they attend.

For more information, go to backyardbash

Friday, March 10:

12pm - 1pm: Rooster Teeth (Gus Sorola, Miles Luna,
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Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson Reunite in First Trailer for ‘Win it All’

He started to make films before Netflix’s streaming empire skyrocketed, but it couldn’t be a more perfect venue for the films of Joe Swanberg. While it’s unfortunate most people will experience the upcoming films of Bong Joon-ho and Martin Scorsese from home, Swanberg’s rag-tag, lo-fi approach is an ideal fit for this kind of viewing. With that, we have the trailer for next film, Win it All, which premieres at SXSW and lands on Netflix next month.

A reunion after Drinking Buddies and Digging for Fire, Jake Johnson leads the film (along with co-writing it), playing a gambler who tries to dig himself out of debt after a bad decision. Swanberg and Johnson have proven to be a strong fit together and this one doesn’t look to shake up that winning formula. Also starring Keegan-Michael Key, Joe Lo Truglio, and Aislinn Derbez, check out the trailer below.
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‘Win It All’ Trailer: Jake Johnson Bets the Farm in Joe Swanberg’s SXSW-Bound Gambling Comedy — Watch

‘Win It All’ Trailer: Jake Johnson Bets the Farm in Joe Swanberg’s SXSW-Bound Gambling Comedy — Watch
For his first feature film in two years — quite possibly a record for the prolific writer/director/producer/editor/actor — Joe Swanberg returns with “Win It All,” which is set to premiere at South by Southwest this weekend. Netflix just released a trailer for the movie, which stars co-writer Jake Johnson. Watch below.

Read More: Joe Swanberg’s Filmmaking Factory: How the Diy Filmmaker Is Supporting a Community of Directors on the Rise

Johnson — who previously worked with Swanberg on “Drinking Buddies,” “Digging for Fire” and an episode of “Love” — plays a gambler who vastly overestimates his own abilities (and luck, for that matter). “When he discovers cash in the bag, he’s unable to resist the temptation and winds up deeply in debt,” reads the Netflix synopsis. “When the prison release is shortened, Eddie suddenly has a small window of time to win all the money back.”

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