Former Canadian Tenor Remigio Pereira To Make First Solo Performance Following ‘All Lives Matter’ Controversy

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Remigio Pereira is returning to the stage as a solo act after leaving the Canadian Tenors. Related: The Tenors Are Now A Trio The singer was fired from The Tenors after acting as a “lone wolf” and changing the lyrics of the Canadian anthem to “We’re all brothers and sisters, all lives matter to the great.” […]
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Rhobh Recap: Raise Hands, Hearts, and Voices

  • Vulture
Rhobh Recap: Raise Hands, Hearts, and Voices
Merry Christmas, Movie House! Welcome to a holiday-themed recap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last night's episode featured a dick move from Yolanda, an aborted intervention attempt by Mr. and Mrs. Joyce, and a latex ball-gag/mask/muzzle thing that was Not meant for Kingsley.We began with a scene where Yolanda shopped for peonies, foreshadowing a dinner party featuring a performance from the latest terrible singing group her lizardy husband works with. In this scene, we learned that Yolanda is as passionate about flowers as she is about lemons, and that made us all have to lie down, because that's a lot of passion. We also learned that the so-called purpose of Yolo's dinner party, behind providing some desperately deserved exposure for the aforementioned Canadian Tenors, was to celebrate her newly returned good health and to make nice with the ladies after their Palm Springs Yoyce-a-thon. After that,
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Anne Murray Remembers Rita MacNeil

Anne Murray Remembers Rita MacNeil
Anne Murray said Cape Breton singer-songwriter Rita MacNeil will be remembered as "just a really good soul, a really good person who just happened to be a supremely talented singer-songwriter."

Murray, speaking this morning to Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio's Q from Florida, said she was "shocked and saddened" by the news of MacNeil's death last night but praised her for her songs and talent.

"Everyone was very proud of the fact that we finally had a Nova Scotian and a woman speaking for us and putting into words how we all felt as Nova Scotians, as proud Nova Scotians," Murray said. "And she did it so beautifully, she was a very talented songwriter.

"She had such strong feelings about Cape Breton as I do about Nova Scotia and Cape Breton too. And I could feel that and she wrote about it so eloquently. Whatever she wrote just seemed to
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