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  • (July 21, 2014) Suzanne Marie Olsson a graduate of New York University, is a self-published American historical biographical author. She wrote "Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb" (ISBN-13: 978-1419611759) about the little-known Roza Bal tomb of Jesus, who is known as Yuz Asaf or Issa in Kashmir. Although the theory is not widely known or accepted, she gained worldwide recognition because the theory is the foundation core belief of the [Muslim community] worldwide, consisting of an estimated 20 million members who support her views. In her book Olsson clarifies that she is a Christian. The former head of Archives and History in Kashmir, Professor Fida Hassnain, has supported her work in numerous articles and documentaries. Olsson and Hassnain co-authored a book, 'Roza Bal, The Tomb of Jesus.' Government of India has bestowed their recognition and appreciation of her research in a film made by Yashendra Prasad, "Jesus in Kashmir.' An American film maker, Paul Davids Productions, Inc., a Nevada corporation, and their company, Yellow Hat Productions, have supported her research in their documentary. In addition articles have appeared worldwide including 'Times of India', 'Dawn' (Pakistan) 'India Times', 'Ahmadiyya Times' ,'Legendary Times', and others. Her book is historical/biographical in content, combining historical research with personal experiences while living in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan during several wars and conflicts. For approximately ten years she assisted in refugee and humanitarian projects for the International Red Cross in New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal, and Tibet. Prior to that she served 10 years with the U.S. Postal Service, the last of those while living in the Florida Keys and serving as an Acting Postmaster before her retirement from Government. Her book was first published in Bangkok, Thailand in 2002, then revised and re-published in the United States since 2004 by the amazon.com subsidiary, "CreateSpace.' Olsson gained notoriety for developing "The DNA of God Project", an effort to rescue the DNA from remaining Biblical and historical tombs still intact, similar to recovery of DNA of Egyptian pharaohs. Among the tombs she recommends for DNA study have been the [RozaBal tomb], the [Cave of Machpelah], the tomb of King David, Joseph the Patriarch in Sechem, Rachel's tomb, the grave of Bibi Injeel (translated from Urdu, means "The Lady from the Bible') located on the Old Silk Road in Kashgar, China, and other notable sites. While living in Kashmir, India and in Murree, Pakistan, Olsson gained permission to obtain DNA from several sites but was thwarted at the last moment by terrorist threats. Renowned archaeologist Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani of Pakistan Archaeology Department, Head of Taxila excavations for 30 years, supported her work and was the lead archaeologist for her project to locate the grave of Mother Mary alleged to be on Pindi Point in Murree,Pakistan. Olsson has recounted several experiences with terrorism in her book. Olsson states in her biographical-historical book that her family lineage is traced back to the Crusades, the first kings of Jerusalem, and the Des Marets/Baldwin lineage. This is one of several alleged Jesus desposyni lineages, but she emphasizes that, although at times she has been linked to desposyni, these lineages cannot be relied on. Only DNA can provide the definitive answers. Olsson has appeared in several documentaries as an expert on the relationships between India and Biblical figures. She was a Guest Speaker in Washington DC at the 2009 Kashmir Peace Conference, in which she offered ideas to members of Congress to restore peace in the region. Olsson now lives in the United States, dividing her time between New York and Florida.

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