Exclusive: Trailer For 'Queen Of Carthage' Starring Shiloh Fernandez, Premiering At Montreal International Film Festival

Pursuing a moviemaking career in Hollywood requires landing an agent, hustling to countless auditions and table reads, networking, and keeping your face in the mix hoping that someone will roll the dice on you. However, generating your own material is another way to not only stand out, but create the kind movie you want to be part of. And Shiloh Fernandez ("Red Riding Hood," "White Bird In A Blizzard," "Evil Dead") has done just that with "Queen Of Carthage." Co-written and co-produced by Fernandez, who takes a lead role as well, the film follows Amos who travel to New Zealand to start a new life and escape his past, only to find that some things can't be easily left behind. Keisha Castle-Hughes ("Whale Rider"), Graham Candy and Amanda Tito co-star in the movie, with Mardana M. Mayginnes (who also co-wrote the script) making her sophomore feature film behind the camera.
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Self Help Section to be Produced by Busted Knuckle Productions: Story Details

Busted Knuckle Productions continues to stay in the news. Recently it was announced that Busted Knuckle Productions was set to move into production on Killing Angels. Now, this film production company has acquired Mardana M. Mayginnes' script titled Self Help Section. This is a psychological thriller that involves a self-help guru, blackmail and murder. The character Caesar is at the center of all this action and he is also at the center of a fraud scenario. After his scam is unearthed, his blackmailers demand money. Caesar retaliates with murder and soon he is only a day or two from prison. Who will win the blackmailers or the extorted? Production will begin later this year and more details on Self Help Section can be found below.

Director: Mardana M. Mayginnes.

Writers: Paul Krzystyniak and Mardana M. Mayginnes.

Producer: Hunter G. Williams.

*to shoot in Los Angeles.

**this is the directors second feature.
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