John Edwards, Baby Daddy

Finally, he admits what most of America already knew ... he Is the father.

Single Mom Seeking: A few months ago, I wrote an open letter to Rielle Hunter asking why she wouldn't go through with a paternity test to confirm that onetime Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards was the father of her daughter. Why? I just couldn't understand it.

Clearly, Hunter and Edwards have their reasons for keeping Frances Quinn Hunter's father a secret for almost two years. We may never know them.

But this morning, the truth came out. John Edwards finally admitted he was the "Baby Daddy."

The truth would have come out soon enough, thanks to his former aide, Andrew Young, whose book detailing the paternity scandal is due out on Feb. 2.  

Why did Edwards wait until now to out himself? 

Was it really, as the book Game Change reported, just because he wanted to earn
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