The Halfway Mark Pt 2. Actors & Actresses

I assume that the entire time you were reading the Halfway Mark Best Screenplays & Pictures you were thinking "get to the actors already!" because, damn you're predictable and also so am I and I love to pay homage to great performances. So, here they are in six categories for your perusal and debate and "I guess I'd better watch that" list-making pleasure.

Best Actor in a Limited or Cameo Role (Thus Far): Lior Ashkenazi (of Late Marriage fame) temporarily energizes the unfortunately bland Yossi by temporarily attempting to to rub off on and up against Yossi himself with pushy sleaze; James Badge Dale, who also won a nomination in this category at 2012's Film Bitch Awards for Flight, is in every big movie now (World War Z, The Lone Ranger, Iron Man 3) and pretty much great in all of them though the roles are growing exponentially and he's
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The Loft Project: Kitchen Sharing, Chef Swapping

  • Fast Company
Photograph by Chris Floyd

Clarise Faria Curator, The Loft Project London

Faria, 32, turned her home into the Loft Project, a high-profile supper club that helps up-and-coming chefs reach a new audience.

"We set this up as a test kitchen for a restaurant that my partner, Nuno Mendes, was opening. It generated quite a bit of buzz for him, and we wanted to give that opportunity to other chefs and allow them to present their food -- not that of a head chef they work under -- to customers. Until recently, this was our personal space, but now it is the chefs' temporary kitchen and home. Each cooks for three nights and can stay for as long as a week -- we've hosted 18 -- and we provide a budget for food, serving 16 customers per night at $190 apiece. A lot of bankers and investors come to eat at the Loft, and many
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'Parks and Recreation' recap: In time for the Oscars, wise thoughts from a mustachioed man

'Parks and Recreation' recap: In time for the Oscars, wise thoughts from a mustachioed man
Last night's Parks and Recreation was an answer to the call many of us have been making for a while: Less Mark and Ann, please. Well, it was worth the wait. The well-paced, Mann-less (Mark + Ann = Mann) episode eliminated the one aspect of the show that has been lagging in the past few weeks, and in all, produced a half hour of one-liners, fantastic guest-star-free ensemble work, and one of the best episodes of the season. In this episode, Leslie is once again on a mission. This time, she tries to convince Ron that she is a more worthy recipient
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