An interview with Kristen Bell

When we hold Lgbt rallies and organize marches, sometimes it's like preaching to the choir. Real change only comes around when the masses get on board. Knowing that simple fact, a new website called Friendfactor is combining the power of celebrity with the reach of social networking to make mainstream support for gay marriage as impossible to ignore as Lady Gaga's shoes.

Awesome and hot actress Kristen Bell is one of the latest celebs to become a Friendfactor "friend-setter"; a trendsetter who cares about their gay friends' rights and ask their other friends to care, too. Bell's fans cared so much, they crashed the Friendfactor site after her first tweet about it.

AfterEllen: Your first Friendfactor tweet generated such an overwhelming response, it took the site down. How cool is that?

Kristen Bell: Hee hee! Yes, I was very proud. I had to resist the urge to do
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Exclusive Music Video Debut: Infernaeon's Graven Image

With the usual music video outlets like MTV and VH1 seeming to be more interested in reality programming than music, bands are having a tough time finding places to debut their videos, especially those with a horror-tinged edge. Which is why Dread Central is pleased to premiere "Graven Image" from Infernaeon, the theme of which is essentially the Last Super and crucifixion, done with Jesus and his disciples as zombies.

An evil demon has, once again, reared its wicked head from the swamps of Florida to wreak havoc on the metal landscape. The demon’s name is Infernaeon, and this Floridian outfit has returned with the follow-up to 2007’s A Symphony of Suffering, entitled, Genesis to Nemesis, released August 31st on Prosthetic Records. This time around frontman and former Monstrosity member Brian Werner found himself accompanied by two new guitarists, Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger, new bassist Mike Poggione, as
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