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Broadwaysted Welcomes the Stars of Cleopatra: The New Pop Experience, Sydney James Harcourt & Talia Thiesfield

Our 'mummies' would be so proud of us this week because we're sharing drinks and laughs with the two stars of Cleopatra The New Pop Experience We're pouring out bourbon and vodka with the incredible performer and Hamilton alum Sydney James Harcourt and the beautiful and talented Talia Thiesfield while we discuss the immersive party experience and brilliant musical journey of Cleopatra The New Pop Experience.
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Ring Twice For Miranda

Ring Twice for Miranda

Stage II at New York City Center Through April 16, 2017

During Ring Twice for Miranda, while witnessing the frequent long and drawn-out arguments scenes that pepper this play’s landscape, I was reminded of Andy Warhol’s Chelsea Girls. What kept your attention during that film’s interminable arguments among Warhol’s characters was hope of some kind of satisfying resolution. Playwright Alan Hruska is by trade a litigation lawyer, so he knows how to argue. Unfortunately his characters do not share his real life expertise. I kept saying to myself “come on, get on with it!” My impatience had me physically squirming much as I did when, eons ago, I first viewed Chelsea Girls! In addition, specters of the post-apocalyptic Spike Milligan/Richard Lester film collaboration The Bed Sitting Room floated about me. Absent from Miranda’s world was the clear social satire and whimsy which sustained Mr.
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Photo Flash: Sneak Peek at Harriett D. Foy, John Herrera, Lilli Cooper and More in Lmnop

Goodspeed Musicals has announced the cast of Lmnop, an edgy new musical about an island whose citizens begin to lose their freedoms one letter at a time. The musical will run from July 25 to August 18 at The Norma Terris Theatre in Chester, Conn. - Goodspeed's home for developing fresh, innovative, and original new musicals. Check out a sneak peek of Talia Thiesfield, John Herrera, Lilli Cooper, Harriett D. Foy and Aaron Serotsky below
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