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Chael Sonnen Slams Rampage, Fedor ... with Poem!

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[[tmz:video id="0_mqgwo3r1"]] Chael Sonnen strolled in to the TMZ newsroom ... With a poem to make everyone look like buffoons. No, not us, his Bellator competition ... Who he says he'll knock out, what a shocking admission! That's right, Chael says he'll put Rampage to sleep ... Putting Jackson's lights out, leaving him in a heap. Sonnen's not scared of the others either, you see ... The heavyweights in his tourney are kinda crappy, says he. Russia's Fedor couldn't win if
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Kimbo Slice: The Truth – Will You Be Watching?

Ever since Kimbo Slice came onto the scene with his backyard brawling videos he’s been an amazing story. What began as him being looked at at one of the toughest street brawlers on the planet lead to a career in fighting. Slice Aka Kevin Ferguson left the underground fighting scene and signed a professional contract with EliteXC in 2007. Slice competed in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, where he lost in his first fight to series winner Roy Nelson. In his Ufc debut, Slice defeated Houston Alexander in the The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights finale. As of January 15, 2015, Slice has

Kimbo Slice: The Truth – Will You Be Watching?
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EA Sports Ufc Review

The road to EA Sports Ufc has been a long and winding one, to say the least. In fact, there was a time where Ufc president Dana White declared that he was “at war” with Electronic Arts over their refusal to make a game and instead took the brand to Thq and Yukes.

While they were toiling away with the Undisputed franchise, EA partnered with rival promotion Strikeforce to make EA Sports Mma. Then, after both Thq and Strikeforce went under, Dana and EA both realized that there was money to be made from the two working together and thus, we ended up here in 2014 with EA Sports Ufc.

In the world of mixed martial arts, the Ufc is a big fish in a medium-sized pond. While the sport may still be growing worldwide, the promotion features its best talent and EA Sports has done a solid job of bringing that to the game.
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The Ultimate Fighter: Jones vs. Sonnen Premiere Recap

The Ultimate Fighter hasn’t exactly been that great for the last few seasons. From the coaches, to the fights and the awful decision to the move the show to Friday night there hasn’t been a lot of fan interest in the reality series. As much as the show is about the fighters living together and trying to win contracts with the Ufc it’s the coaches that generate most of the hype. The last couple of seasons (not counting the international versions) have failed to deliver on that front.

Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson as coaches last season was hard to get excited about for multiple reasons. There wasn’t much of an established rivalry between the two, neither man was really near contention for a title shot and the fight just wasn’t that interesting. Then after the dud of a season Carwin gets injured and we

Ufc’s Shane Carwin Injures Knee, Still Fighting Roy Nelson In December

Ufc President Dana white must be close to having a minor heart attack right about now.

Nearly all of the Ufc’s recent and upcoming events have been marred by injuries sustained by the organization’s top fighters. The trend continues today as MMAWeekly reports that Shane ‘The Engineer’ Carwin could not make his scheduled appearance for autograph signings at a pre-fight event in the UK due to a knee injury he sustained while training his wrestling.

Carwin is penciled in to throw leather with the rotund heavyweight contender Roy Nelson at The Ultimate Fighter (Tuf) 16 Finale on December 15th in Las Vegas. Although the report indicates that Carwin will still be fighting at the event, I would not be surprised if ’The Engineer’ is forced to pull out shortly.

The sport has not been kind to Carwin’s body and it remains unclear how much more damage he can
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Kimbo Slice - Ultimate Fighter in ‘Blood & Bone’ starring Michael Jai White

Even if you don’t follow Mixed Martial Arts or Mma-themed movies, you’ve seen the big body, crazy hair and menacing face of Kimbo Slice. He’s popped into popular culture as a Mr. T lookalike, contestant on Ufc Ultimate Fighter reality show, computer protection commercials and more since surfacing as a street fighter in YouTube videos.

Like many Mma fighters, he’s also breaking into acting. Nothing too serious but with his natural charisma which has captivated fans beyond his record in the ring, he’s bound to keep on punching his way to more roles.

Michael Jai White and Kimbo Slice on set of Blood and Bone

Kimbo Slice recently appeared alongside Michael Jai White in ‘Blood and Bone.’ In this clip … Michael Jai White talks about ‘Blood and Bone’, his character Bone, the plot of the film, and what he thinks makes a good movie interspersed
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