Camerimage: Pixar’s Patrick Lin on the Cinematography of ‘Inside Out’

Speaking at Camerimage, a film festival devoted to the art of cinematography, Patrick Lin, the director of photography on Pixar Animation Studios’ “Inside Out,” explained how his team used virtual cameras and lighting in a similar way to how a cinematographer on a live-action movie would do.

Lin, whose full title on the movie is d.p. — camera and staging, was joined at the panel discussion this week by his fellow crew members Kim White, d.p. — lighting, and Adam Habib, camera and staging lead.

In Lin’s overview of the production process, he explained that whereas in live-action the phrase is “Lights, camera, action,” in computer animation it is “all mixed up.” “It is actually ‘Camera, action, light’ — in other words, it is layout, animation, and then lighting,” he said.

Where animation and live-action differ is that the shooting, or layout, and lighting of a scene are done separately,
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Walter Murch to receive Camerimage honour

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Walter Murch to receive Camerimage honour
Apocalypse Now editor to receive special award at cinematography festival.

Walter Murch, the editor of Apocalypse Now, Ghost and The English Patient, is to receive a Special Editing Award at Camerimage (Nov 14-21), held in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz.

The three-time Oscar winner, who most recently edited Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, will attend the 23rd International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography to collect the honour.

He will also take part in an on stage conversation where he will discuss his film career, which spans more than 40 years.


Camerimage will also host the key crew members of Pixar’s critically acclaimed animation, Inside Out.

They include Patrick Lin, Director of Photography—Camera and Staging; Kim White, Director of Photography—Lighting; and Adam Habib, Camera and Staging Lead.

The team will discuss how cinematography is practiced in animated filmmaking and share some of the challenges they faced on the production, with work-in-progress
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