Wide World of Horror: ‘Jue ming pai dui (Invitation Only’) – how to deliver your message with a giant hammer

Jue ming pai dui (Invitation Only)

Screenplay by Sung In & Carolyn Lin

Directed by Kevin Ko

Taiwan, 2009

One of the calling cards of the horror genre is its ability to delve deep into societal issues. The horror genre can often go to places that other genres cannot because of the content found within a horror movie. Not all horror movies explore society, but there are plenty that do so in fine fashion. Jue ming pai dui wants to be one of the films that does explore society more deeply. This film wants to be one of those types of movies so bad that it runs rough shod over subtlety in its desire to deliver a profound message connected with present day society.

The rich and the poor, or upper and lower class if you will, being at odds is nothing new to the world. Travel to any country and a
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Review: Invitation Only

Invitation Only

Stars: Maria Ozawa, Byrant Chang, Julianne Chu | Written by Sung In, Carolyn Lin | Directed by Kevin Ko

Five young strangers are unexpectedly invited to an extravagant and exclusive party at which they have the times of their lives, mingling with the rich and the beautiful. That is until they find the brutally decapitated body of one of their group and begin to figure out the true theme of the evening. The remaining four become the prey of a vicious and relentless killer for the entertainment of their sadistic hosts. As the night progresses, the only ambition they have left is to get out alive.

Heralded as Taiwan’s first ever slasher movie, Invitation Only has more in common with the so-called “torture porn” antics of Hostel than the classic slasher movie genre. The film takes all the cliches from years of American horror cinema and blends them together
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