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Exclusive first look at Colombian scifi epic Jhontex 422

Columbian Producer Miguel F. Berg sees big potential in Jhontex 422, a new scifi project written by Luis Andres Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Aparicio. "Remember that Uruguayan short that appeared on You Tube and was bought by Hollywood for over $30 million" he says, reminding us of Panic Attack!, Fede Alvarez's short which caused a stir a few months back and which quickly caught the eye of Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Underground. "Well, this is bigger."

A Spanish science fiction movie like the world has never seen, he says "Jhontex 422 will change the playing field and perspective about our cinema on a global scale." He also tell us the film has amazing franchise potential as well as a video game is in the works.


A colossal war ensues in the City of the Sun during the prosperous age of man between two corporations. With machines realizing their sentient capacity,
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