Socially Conscious Zombie Flick?

Socially Conscious Zombie Flick?
Zombies are the cinema trend that just won't die! They have been lumbering, moaning and even occasionally running for some time now. Despite their refusal to let the public's attention out of their clammy grip, zombie films are noted more for their gruesome scenes of violence than social commentary. Us director James Kicklighter's Followed, however, offers something different. "In our film, the zombies are not the predators, but a visual reminder that our actions can have negative effects on others," explains producer Kasey Ray-Stokes.   Australian actor Erryn Arkin (pictured) plays protagonist Peter. Having made the jump from Summer Bay to Hollywood, Arkin concurs with Ray-Stokes saying, "The story has a lot of depth to it.
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Exclusive: 'The Bourne Legacy' Has Erryn Arkin in Its Sights

Who is Jason Bourne?

Once upon a time, that was just a tagline for "The Bourne Identity," but three hit films later, it's become an industry meme. Universal Studios is now searching for someone to take on the task of stepping into Matt Damon's shoes in the franchise's upcoming fourth installment, "The Bourne Legacy."

Everybody wants to know who the next Jason Bourne will be  -- and we can exclusively report the answer might be Erryn Arkin, as the Australian actor read for a role in "The Bourne Legacy" just last week.

Of course, Arkin wouldn't actually be playing Bourne himself, as the studio is still holding out hopes that Damon will eventually want to reprise his role as the memory-challenged super spy. Instead, "The Bourne Legacy" focuses on how the events in the "Bourne" trilogy affect some of the other top black ops agents out in the field -- and that,
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