Watch: Animated Storyboards Reveal How They Planned the Coolest Scene in 'The Avengers'

Okay, maybe it's not entirely fair to call this the coolest scene in The Avengers because this puppy is full of lots of cool scenes. However, this particular scene -- and stop here if you haven't seen the film and don't want to be spoiled -- is easily one of my favorites, and probably one of yours too. With The Avengers in theaters for a few weeks now, we're beginning to see the artists who worked on the film share some of their pre-production work, including concept sketches and animated storyboards, which is what we have for you today. Jane Wu is one of the storyboard artists who worked on the film (she also worked on Captain America), and she's posted some videos which animate her storyboards. We have two scenes in particular -- one is the aforementioned...

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The Avengers New Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits; Concept Art, Storyboards And More!

Proudly displaying their early involvement with the box-office phenomenon Marvel's The Avengers, which has a worldwide total of $1,064,029,000, as of Friday, conceptual artists Raj Rihal, Josh Nizzi, and Justin Sweet have released some of their stunning art work for the movie. In addition, storyboard artist Jane Wu has revealed animatic videos of for climatic scenes of the movie. With a few more interesting tidbits, check it out below! (Storyboards by Jane Wu) (Raj Rihal) "I'm proud to say I worked on Marvel's The Avengers," says Justin Sweet. "My task on this film was to develop the Aliens that the Avengers fight. It was a collaborative effort, and I worked along some very talented fellows. Here are some of the aliens that I did ending with the last one that got the nod for the final. Fun trying to figure these guys
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